Rules and Regulations

The Summer Honors Program has mindfully composed a list of rules to ensure that all participants are safe and comfortable for the week. These rules are reflective of University policies as well as federal and state laws. The Summer Honors Program is a close-knit community. Policies are intended to make certain that all students feel both welcome and free to pursue their educational interests in an academically-inclined environment. Communal respect is at the heart of the Indiana State community. Students who do not follow the regulations will face disciplinary action. All Summer Honors counselors and staff have the authority to determine the appropriate repercussions.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Summer Honors has a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and drug use. Possession and consumption of substances will lead to immediate dismissal from the program. Smoking is also prohibited.


Students must live on campus for the duration of the program and are not permitted to leave campus unless an emergency arises. Students are required to attend orientation, floor meetings, class, and evening entertainment events. Tardiness is unacceptable.


Curfew during the entire week of Summer Honors is 11:00 p.m. The Summer Honors leaders will perform nightly room checks to make sure that each student is in their room at this time.  Students are not permitted to exit their rooms following this room check.  Out of courtesy to all participants, we ask that students observe quiet hours beginning at 9:00 pm.

Emergency Procedures

Fire alarms and firefighting equipment are located on each floor. In case of a fire, the alarm should be pulled, staff members notified, and the building vacated. When the alarm sounds, all resident should vacate the building. Tampering with the fire alarm system and equipment without due cause will be grounds for expulsion. Possession of fireworks or weapons is prohibited.


The Summer Honors staff are happy to announce that participants will live in a recently renovated and premium space called Pickerl Hall. We are thrilled to live in such an exceptional hall and wish to preserve the condition of the building. Students are responsible for cleaning their restroom during their stay. Lounge and recreational spaces should be kept clean. Taking apart or moving furniture is not permitted.

Room Keys and ID

All students will be issued a room key upon check-in. In the event that you become locked out of your room, you will have to pay $5.00 for a loaner key at the front desk. Should you lose your key, you will be charged $20.00 for a change-of-lock fee. Please keep both your room key and your photo ID with you at all times.

Motor Vehicles

Summer Honors students are not permitted to use cars or other motorized vehicles during the program. If you bring a vehicle, keys will be given to the director following check-in. Students will be issued a parking permit for the week.