Creativity and Ideation through 3D Printing

A looming problem currently facing U.S. transportation is a need to utilize energy sources that are more environmentally friendly. By familiarizing students with the issue of transportation-emissions-pollution and how it can be mitigated through a switch in technology, students will be exposed to the design, building, and testing of electric motor propelled vehicles. Students will learn differing theories on how the issue of energy efficiency can be solved in passenger vehicle transportation systems, then will utilize prototyping technology (3D printing) that can rapidly reproduce ideas in a cost effective manner. The solutions chosen by each group will demonstrate potential scalability (mass production/usage) based on energy usage and cost. To complete the project, students will have access to the Applied Engineering Technology Management’s (AETM) simulated manufacturing laboratory.


Dr. Alister McLeod, Associate Professor
Department of Applied Engineering and Technology Management
Indiana State University