Genome Science

Genome ScienceA complete copy of the entire human genome is contained in each and every cell of your body. Your genome contributes to those similarities, which make you part of the human species, and to those differences, which distinguish you from your neighbor. It is a record of your health, your history, your ancestry, and your identity. Genome studies will result in important breakthroughs that will revolutionize science, medicine, and conservation. However, the study of genomes will also open the door to a multitude of unintended legal and ethical consequences. In this seminar, we will study the emerging field of genomics, including the many implications for personalized medicine. Students will get experience using state-of-the-art genomics equipment. In addition, we will review public policy and ethical issues related to the responsible use of genomic information.

Dr. Rusty Gonser, Professor
Department of Biology; Center for Genomic Advocacy
Indiana State University