The Magic of the Pop Music Industry

What does it take to build and maintain a career as a mega pop star today? A look inside the music and entertainment industry that make stardom and success possible.

Why do some artists have careers that span mere months while others stay megastars for years? Did you ever wonder why some songs become big hits and others flops? Or why your favorite group has not quite been able to break through and find superstardom? What is it that makes a clothing company approach a musical artist about endorsing a new clothing line? These are all very common and interesting questions that arise out of today’s music scene and an amazing array of artists all trying to become stars. These and many other issues are all part of “the Music/Entertainment Business.” There are so many steps, other than talent and luck, which will help a musician, author, actor, dancer, or painter become successful. It takes many people to help make dreams and ideas become realities and it is people in the music/entertainment business who help make this all happen. The Magic of the Pop Music Industry seminar will explore all of these issues and more. There are so many outlets for music today, and each produces its own particular set of issues and problems. This seminar will dig in and explore them. This seminar will take a close, real-time look at how today’s industry works as it influences choices we, as music lovers, make every day.  You don’t need to be a musician to take this seminar; just a person who loves to listen to music and is curious about how it all works.


Mr. Ted J. Piechocinski, Associate Professor, Coordinator and Director of ISU’s Music Business Program
School of Music
Indiana State University