Poetry Writing Seminar: Power, Process, and Play

Poetry WritingThis seminar invites students to intensely read, explore, write, and breathe poetry—to experience a world of poetry that is very much alive and thriving, and to strengthen their critical thinking, analysis, and writing skills in the process. In this course, students will read and discuss a variety of contemporary poems that exemplify the range and diversity in American poetry today. They will explore how to write and revise poems in a variety of forms, styles, and aesthetics. They will approach poetry though a multidisciplinary lens, considering how it relates to other artistic fields and disciplines, as well as how it engages with and reflects our world. They will learn about the literary communities and opportunities that Terre Haute and ISU have to offer, and become active in the literary community themselves through a public performance of their work at the end of the week.


Dr. Amy Ash