Foundational Studies for Advisors

Fulfilling the FS Requirements

Students who have an SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing score of 700 or above (or the ACT equivalent) and complete GH 101 and GH 201 as part of the Honors College curriculum have fulfilled the FS freshman composition requirement.

The prerequisite for all Quantitative Literacy courses is: B or better in high school Algebra II (Parts I & II), or appropriate placement score, or MATH 035 with a C or better.

Students may meet the Laboratory Science requirement by taking any two laboratory science courses from two different science disciplines.

FAQ about fulfilling requirements

Q: What if an online student hasn’t been able to enroll in an FS course for 2 semesters?

A: If the student can demonstrate that they haven’t been able to enroll in the FS course they need for 2 semesters, they may petition to replace it with another FS course.

Fulfilling the Global Perspectives & Cultural Diversity Requirement

Students must take two courses (6 credits) at ISU in a single or multiple non-native languages, (select from 101 and 101, or 101 and 102), or two courses (6 credits), from an accredited college or university, in a single language, including American Sign Language.

International Students must successfully complete the ESL curriculum (103A and B, or 103B, and completion of ENG 105) and one GPCD course (3 credits).

Students who have met the non-native language component in high school (two years in high school in a single non-native language, including American Sign Language, with a C- or better) must complete the Global Perspective and Cultural Diversity pathway by taking one GPCD course (3 credits). 

Students who have completed the Non-Native Language requirement will take one officially designated Global Perspective and Cultural Diversity (GPCD) course. 

Students who have NOT completed the Non-Native Language requirement, will take two Non-Native Language courses to complete the requirement.

FAQs about the GPCD requirement:

Q: If a student took foreign languages in high school, does that count towards the requirement?

A: If the student took 2 or more years of one language and earned a C- or better, yes they have fulfilled the requirement.  If they took different languages each year and/or did not earn a C- or better, they are strongly encouraged to take the language placement test offered by ISU to see where they place for their language classes. They may be able to place into a higher level course and, if they pass it with a C+ or better, their requirement is met.

Q: Where should I refer a student with a documented disability to talk about the language requirement?

A: The student should talk to someone in Student Services, on the lower level of Normal Hall, who can work with you as the student’s advisor to find a solution to meeting their language requirement.

Fulfilling the Upper-Division Integrative Elective Requirement

There are several ways to fulfill this requirement:

  • Two upper-division, integrative elective courses from Indiana State University (see the list of approved courses designated as Category #1 UDIES) or,
  • One upper-division, integrative elective course from Indiana State University (see the list of approved courses designated as Category #1 UDIES) and a one-course equivalent study abroad experience (student must sign up for the 0.0 credit IS 398) or,
  • One upper-division, integrative elective course from Indiana State University (see the list of approved courses designated as Category #1 UDIES) and completion one of the following:
    • second major, or
    • a minor, or
    • a certificate, or
    • a degree in education where content courses are delivered outside the College of Education, or
    • service in the U.S military and stationed outside of the United States.

Fulfilling the FS Requirements for Transfer Students

If a student is transferring credits in to ISU, then they may have already met some of their Foundational Studies requirements.

A course from another university may receive FS credit if it has been designated as the equivalent of an FS course at ISU or it was designated as a GE course at the university from which it is being transferred and it meets the learning objectives of an FS requirement. Once enrolled as a full-time student at ISU, students are bound by the FS requirements.

Students who have earned an Associate of Arts or Associate of Sciences degree at an accredited regional campus have met all of the Foundational Studies requirements except for:

  • Junior Level Composition (one class)
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility (one class)
  • Category #1 and Category #2 Upper Division, Integrative Electives

Students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science degree at an accredited regional campus have fulfilled automatically the following FS requirements:

  • Freshman-level composition (3.0-6.0)
  • Communication (3.0)
  • Quantitative Literacy/Mathematics (3.0)
  • Health and Wellness (3.0)
  • Non-Native Language (3.0-6.0)
  • Social Behavioral Science (3.0)
  • Laboratory Science (4.0)
  • Category #2 UDIE (3.0)