The Quantitative Literacy requirement of the Foundational Studies Program will change for students entering the university with the fall 2020 catalog (incoming freshmen and transfer students). QL 2020 is now a single category that can be met only through approved courses in the array.

The QL 2020 category has new Learning Objectives (see the Foundational Studies web site:  The recently approved array of courses meet these outcomes, including:

AHS 240                                                                                      CHEM 106/106L*

ENVI 240                                                                                     MATH 102

Math 105                                                                                    MATH 241

PHYS 106/106L *                                                                    PHYS 116/116L*

The prerequisite for the new Quantitative Literacy requirement is:

B or better in high school Algebra II (Parts I & II), or appropriate placement score (Maple TA 12 or higher), or MATH 035 with a C or better.

The Office of Admissions will be reviewing all incoming freshman transcripts and providing notation for those who have met the high school Algebra prerequisite under Test Scores in Banner.

Students who have not met the high school Algebra prerequisite should be directed to take the Maple TA test.

*The prerequisite for CHEM 106/106L is CHEM 105/105L with a C or better; for PHYS 106/106L is successful completion of PHYS 105/105L; for PHYS 116/116L is successful completion of PHYS 115/115L.

Transfer Students

As in the past, transfer courses will be addressed through articulations and petitions through the University College dean’s office. For 2020-2021, all past articulations will be accepted to meet the QL 2020 requirement.

Catalog Year Prior to Fall 2020

Students whose catalog year is prior to Fall 2020 are still subject to the previous Quantitative Literacy requirement. Students may still meet this requirement through QL or Math. MySAM will continue to show the requirements and course array of the previous QL requirement for those students.

Students whose Maple TA is below 12:

  • check to see if the student meets the new QL requirements of B or better in high school Algebra II (Parts I & II), or
  • check transcript for math-based courses, or
  • advise student that they should enroll in MATH 035, but for 2020-2021 such students may receive an override to enroll in MATH 102.

If you have any questions about the new QL requirement, please contact Ann Rider ( or Linda Maule (