XI. Ethics and Social Responsibility

Ethics and Social Responsibility Learning Objectives
  • Understand the historical and philosophical bases of ethical decision-making and social responsibility;
  • Use independent thinking, critical analysis, and reasoned inquiry when assessing personal, professional, and societal issues;
  • Demonstrate the ability to make personal and professional decisions by applying knowledge and skills obtained from the study of ethics and theories of social responsibility; and
  • Articulate how their ethical framework and understanding of social responsibility shape their actions.

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Skill Applied Learning Requirements
  • Explicitly demonstrate how the curriculum will develop critical thinking skills.
  • Explicitly demonstrate how the curriculum will develop information literacy skills.
  • Include a graded writing component, which whenever possible is developmental.
  • Must give students the opportunity to apply what they are learning to real world scenarios.
  • Must include opportunities for experiential learning or community engagement.
  • Must give students the opportunity to identify and solve problems.
  • Must incorporate opportunities for students to critically read and analyze text-based materials beyond textbooks (e.g., novels, classical literature, primary sources, science journals, poems, lyrics, blogs, etc.).

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