X. Historical Perspectives

1. Policies

        Completion of ENG 105, ENG 107, or ENG 108.

        Class size will be no larger than 30. 

2. Requirements

        One course (see the list of Approved Courses for Foundational Studies).

3. Learning Objectives

  • Analyze the origins and consequences of historical events and developments.
  • Understand ideas in their historical context and explore diverse interpretations of the past by critically assessing both primary and secondary historical sources.
  • Evaluate historical arguments by analyzing major assertions, background assumptions, and explanatory evidence.   
  • Use a historical perspective to understand the world today and address contemporary issues

4. Skill Applied Learning Requirements

  • Explicitly demonstrate how the curriculum will develop critical thinking and systems thinking skills.
  • Explicitly demonstrate how the curriculum will develop information literacy skills; Must include an information literacy exercise.
  • Must incorporate opportunities for students to read critically and to analyze contextually a wide variety of sources and to write extensively.
  • Must include graded writing components.

Select one course from the following:

*HIST 201, *HIST 202HIST 213 , HIST 313, or MUS 351 

*Please note these courses are by transfer or via dual credit courses. 


Historical Studies