Policies Relating to Foundational Studies Syllabus

Syllabi for FS Courses must include the following (or reference the FS website link for information regarding specific policies):

A. Statement explaining the FS requirement the course is meeting.
B. Statement identifying specific FS learning objectives for the course.
C. Statement explicating how the assigned work assists students in meeting the program, goals as well as the goals of the specific FS category under which the course falls.
D. Statement encouraging students to review the University’s Academic Dishonesty Policy found in the Student Code of Conduct.
E. When appropriate, a statement outlining the citation style the instructor wishes students to use and the repercussions they will face if they plagiarize or act in other academically dishonest ways.
F. Statement explaining course attendance policy.
G. Statement describing the central tenets of academic freedom and how these relate to the course.
H. One of the four designated statements on laptop computers.
I. The University statement on students with disabilities.

**Faculty are required to submit to their department chairpersons and to the FS coordinator an electronic copy of their FS Syllabi at the beginning of each semester in which they teach a FS Course.