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Cecilia van Wijk, '16

Cecilia van Wijk

During my senior year at Indiana State University, I accepted an offer into the Master of Science in Strategic Leadership and Design program at the University of Indianapolis. I moved to Indianapolis in May 2016 searching for a job while preparing for graduate school in August 2016. My time as a student and a student worker in the University Honors Program at Indiana State fostered an interest to work in higher education; I applied to the University of Indianapolis and was hired as the full-time support staff member for the Phylis Lan Lin Department of Social Work. The department has a distinguished Bachelor's program and just launched a Master's program in Fall 2016. I keep the department organized, oversee the Master's program admissions process, and plan various events. The concepts that I am learning in my graduate program, such as adult learning theory, organizational leadership, neuroscience, and conflict management are directly applicable to my job. I appreciate the opportunity for my education and work to mutually benefit each other. In addition to school and work, I have been a Global Grassroots Intern with RESULTS since I moved to Indianapolis and as of January 2017 became the leader for the Indianapolis Global group. RESULTS is a movement of passionate and committed every day people who bring an end to poverty by influencing legislation that improves access to health, education, and economic opportunity. As an advocate with RESULTS, I have met with the offices of my members of Congress, had letters to the editor published on the topic of maternal and child health, and organized an outreach event, to name a few. I had the pleasure of attending the RESULTS International Conference in June 2016 in Washington DC, where I lobbied on Capitol Hill with the offices of Representatives Susan Brooks and Andrè Carson and the offices of Senators Dan Coats and Joe Donnelly, all of whom have supported legislation introduced by RESULTS. Especially in this divided political climate it can be difficult to be positive or hopeful, and that is why I make sure my voice is heard by meeting with my members of Congress and writing to media outlets. A specific meeting is imprinted in my mind from March 2017 when advocates from RESULTS across the state of Indiana met with Senator Joe Donnelly's office. One of Senator Donnelly's aides shared with us that it is vital for citizens to make their voices heard and meet with their members of Congress, on both sides of the aisle, because every day people are those who will motivate change. 


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