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Jenna Wertman, '12

Jenna WertmanIt has apparently been multiple years since I was in the Honors Program at Indiana State University, but it feels like yesterday that I was living in the dorms. After spending my first three years saying I would never go to graduate school, a wise professor intervened and tipped me off to Urban Planning, which I honestly did not even know existed before that conversation. If you are like I was, and have no idea what urban planning is, it’s a lot like playing Sim City in real life, to put it simply. I now work for the City of Greenfield, planning long-term projects to help our city flourish and with the day-to-day projects. Greenfield is a great little secret that is just 25 minutes east of Indianapolis with a historic downtown, a variety of parks, and a ton of great projects on the horizon. I have been able to help my community secure multiple grants, the most recent of which will invest $700,000 in to historic renovation projects in the downtown.

That sound advice of graduate school also led me to quite a few personal milestones and accomplishments. That is where I met my husband, whom I just married this past October. We are currently in the process of building a home, which we jokingly say we are building a fence for our German shepherd and attaching a house to it. I have collaborated on multiple published articles, received my American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) certification, and in general have had a lot of fun.  

My successes at ISU gave me a competitive advantage in securing a scholarship for graduate school for the first year and a full graduate assistantship for the second. The foundation that Indiana State gave me in geographic information systems (GIS) has helped me countless times in analyzing the market and community trends that are shaping the projects we undertake as a community.  ISU is also where I met my best friend, and we often fondly reminisce about all of the fun we had in intramurals during our stay there. I am always thankful that I had the opportunity to be a part of the Honors Program at Indiana State, and value the significant role it played in leading me to where I am today.

Human and Environmental Systems, 2012


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