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GH 101: Eco-Reps: Introduction to Sustainability

Note: Students who register for this course must live in the Eco-Reps community in Burford Hall for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Eco-Reps: Introduction to Sustainability, is not just a course, it is a fully immersive Living Learning Community designed to give students real world transdisciplinary experience. Students in the course (Eco-Reps) will move onto campus a week early for an intensive, outdoor sustainability retreat. Eco-Reps will not only take a course together, they will live together and will be expected to participate in co-curricular activates related to the course. The Office of Sustainability and Sustainability Fellows will guide the Eco-Reps through the associated course, which will give Eco-Reps a theoretical background of sustainability and train Eco-Reps how to design and implement a project on campus or in the community. After the first year, high performing students will have the opportunity to apply for employment in the Office of Sustainability. Ultimately, this experience is designed to train and empower future campus and community change makers.

Instructor: Professor Nick McCreary

The main instructor for the course is Nick McCreary, Office of Sustainability, but there will be multiple other facility, staff, community members, and students who contribute to teaching this course. Sustainability is by definition transdisciplinary, therefore the course will taught in such a way, with topic area experts lecturing on everything from climate change to social justice.

Please contact Professor McCreary if you have questions about this course.


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