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GH 201: Dystopian Warnings: Contemporary Consequences

GH 201: Dystopian Warnings: Contemporary Consequences

This course interrogates dystopian warnings and the contemporary consequences of not heeding them. Leaning less on historical analysis and The Handmaid's Tale, it introduces new material (such as The WatchmenThe Road; The Giver; and The Last of Us) and addresses more contemporary issues (the 2020s and beyond). 

Take an intellectual leap; let your curiosity run wild! Spend the semester discussing the Maze Runner, the Purge, and the television series Survivor and what each suggests about human nature. Debate how far removed we are from the apocalyptic outcomes warned of by dystopian authors and contemplate whether there is still a place for hope. And this is only a sliver of what we will explore!

This course is reading, writing, and participation intensive. I will evaluate participation based on attendance, the degree to which you regularly participate in class discussions, and the quality of weekly journal entries. You will write one medium-length paper, take two in-class essay exams, and participate in group facilitation.

Course Goals
  • Create a fun, but rigorous learning environment (going down a rabbit hole is not necessarily a bad thing)
  • Introduce students to Dr. Maule's favorite great works in the form of novels, series, movies, documentaries, and scholarly works)
  • Develop a space where students can take risks, be intellectually courageous, and find an outlet for their creativity (intellectual "stretches" are not just ok, they are encouraged!).
  • Introduce multiple intersectional lenses for understanding the world.
  • Provide opportunities for students to explore, interrogate, analyze, and apply complex concepts.
  • Further hone skills for discussing world views, policies, and approaches with civility and openness.
  • Give students many opportunities to develop critical thinking, oral communication, and writing skills.
Instructor: Dr. Linda Maule

Please contact Dr. Maule if you have questions about this course.