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GH 301: From Page and Stage: Adapting Literature into Film

This section of GH 301 will explore the processes by which nonfiction works, short fiction, plays, and novels are adapted into film—with attention to transferring plot, character, setting, and theme from one artistic medium to another. We’ll begin by reading the opening five chapters of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and then examine three very different adaptations (1940, 1995, and 2005), as a way to ground our work with additional texts and adaptations. Then we will turn our attention to original texts and their completed film versions. Films: The Blind Side, Fight Club, Princess Bride, Shawshank Redemption, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and several others if time allows.​

GH 301: Film Adaptations

Instructor: Dr. Robert Perrin

Robert Perrin (PhD, University of Illinois—Champaign/Urbana) is currently Chairperson of the Department of English at Indiana State University, after serving as Director of Writing Programs for seventeen years. He has won the University's Caleb Mills Award for distinguished teaching (1991), the College of Arts and Sciences' Distinguished Professor award (1992), the University’s Theodore Dreiser Award for distinguished research (2008), the Indiana College English Association’s Scholar/Teacher of the Year (2008), and ISU's President's Medal (2018). He has published numerous articles on composition and teaching and has published seven textbooks and research guides, including The Beacon Handbook (six editions), Handbook for College Research (four editions), and Pocket Guide to APA Style (six editions).

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