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GH 301: Global Healthcare Challenges

GH 301: Global Healthcare Challenges

Learn about healthcare disparities in developing countries and participate in a medical service trip to Ecuador.  This service-learning course is affiliated with Timmy Global Health (TGH), a non-profit foundation in Indianapolis (, and the ISU student chapter of that organization.  Students will travel to Ecuador for twelve days in January 2021 on a TGH-supported service trip.  The course prepares students for the trip by providing a general understanding of the people, history, language, and culture of Ecuador, and exploring the effectiveness of service trips and international volunteerism.  Students enrolled in the course are expected to participate in the fundraising activities of the ISU Timmy chapter in support of the TGH mission.

GH 301 will span parts of the fall and spring semesters of 2020-21, with the service trip to Ecuador occurring after about 80% of the on-campus effort is complete.  The delayed start of the course (October 8) is timed to coincide with the October deadline for students to confirm their intention to serve on the medical service team.  The delayed start also allows students to judge whether they have the time and financial resources to commit to the course and travel to Ecuador.  The course will conclude in early February 2021.  Because this GH 301 course spans parts of two semesters, students can elect to enroll in either the fall or spring semester.  However, all students will participate together in the October-to-February experience, regardless of the semester in which they are enrolled in GH 301.  Medical service trip participation is a required component of the course.

GH 301: Global Healthcare Challenges

Course enrollment is limited to 18 students, and applications to participate will be due in mid-September 2020.  Interested students should contact Eric Glendening (; course instructor), Evelyn McGuire (; student trip leader), or Grace Davis (; ISU Timmy President).  The 18 participants will be selected by a committee including the instructor and representatives of the local Timmy chapter.  Interested students are strongly encouraged to consider joining Timmy, which meets on Wednesday evenings at 7pm in Science Room 18.  The medical service trip typically costs about $2,800, with the University usually covering a portion of this cost for students enrolled in GH 301.  Freshmen and sophomores are strongly encouraged to apply.  Spanish language skills are helpful, but not essential.

Instructor: Dr. Eric Glendening

Dr. Eric Glendening teaches freshman chemistry and is faculty advisor for the ISU Timmy chapter.​

Please contact Dr. Glendening if you have any questions about this course.