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GH 301: Latin American Political Economy

GH 301: Latin American Political EconomyThe purpose of this course is to provide students with an introduction to Latin American Political Economy (LAPE). The emphasis is on political economy based on the belief that an adequate understanding of the complex reality of the region cannot be grasped by the application of economic principles and models alone. In truth, a thorough understanding of the region would require that we study it along many dimensions including its history, geography, culture, and sociology besides its economy and politics. As this would be impractical, we confine ourselves to political economy as a kind of imperfect compromise. At times, however, we shall step outside of even this broadened perspective as it suits our immediate needs. This version of the course will also include a study of a recently published novel by Isabel Allende, In the Midst of Winter.

GH 301: Latin American Political Economy

Instructor: Dr. Donald Richards

Donald Richards has taught in the economics department at ISU since 1985. He is a specialist in Latin America with a particular interest in the southern cone region of South America. He has worked as a policy advisor to the government of Paraguay. He has taught several versions of Latin American political economy over the years.


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