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Honors Conversion

Honors students who are completing the Honors in the Major and/or Foundational Studies elective concentration may choose to convert classes for Honors credit. Honors Conversion entails a contract between an individual student, an instructor, and the Honors College to determine a suitable enhancement to course content that justifies Honors credit for that class. For example, a student enrolled in ENG 339 - Women’s Poetry might convert that class to ENG 339 - Hon: Women's Poetry through the addition of an assignment(s) or project(s) that raise the level of challenge of the course.


Please follow these instructions to convert a class to Honors:

  1. The student should decide which course she/he wants to convert. 
  2. The student should contact and meet with the professor to discuss a possible Honors component of the course.
  3. A brief statement should be prepared discussing the Honors project the student will be doing, the assignments involved in the project, and the criteria for evaluation upon which the student and the professor have agreed.
  4. Complete the Honors Conversion form and obtain the necessary signatures. Completed forms should be submitted to the Honors College office.


Conversion Forms

Conversion forms must be typed, signed by the student and instructor, and will not be processed without a description of the Honors component and the evaluation criteria.

application-pdf.png Honors Conversion Form (PDF)

File Honors Conversion Form (Word Document)

Honors Conversion forms for Fall 2019 are due to Pickerl Hall 110 by Friday, September 20, at 4:30pm

NOTE: All Honors Conversion Forms must be typed. Handwritten conversion forms will not be accepted.


Information for Faculty

application-pdf.png Honors Course Conversion Information for Faculty (PDF)

Please contact the Honors College at 812-237-3225 with any questions.


Greg Bierly, Dean

Pickerl Hall 110
Indiana State University
812.237.3676 fax

Office Hours:
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM