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Honors and Foundational Studies

Completing the Honors Core classes (GH 101, GH 201, GH 301, and GH 401) will satisfy the following Foundational Studies requirements:

  • Social and Behavioral Science
  • Literary Studies
  • Fine and Performing Arts
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Upper Division, Integrative Electives

Honors students do not need to enroll in Foundational Studies classes for these categories unless they are needed to satisfy major/minor requirements.

The Honors Core classes work as a block to satisfy the above Foundational Studies categories. As a result, the categories will not be complete until all four core classes have been completed. Students who decide not to complete all four of the Honors Core classes will need to take classes to satisfy all of the above categories. Students who decide not to complete the Honors curriculum should discuss that decision with their academic advisors prior to requesting removal from the college to determine how the Foundational Studies classes will impact their four-year plans.

Freshman Composition

ENG 108 does not count toward the Honors curriculum, but is usually the appropriate level Freshmen Composition course for Honors students.

Honors students with an SAT Evidence Based Reading & Writing score of 700 or higher, an SAT Reading Test score of 35 or higher, or an ACT English score of 29 or higher do not have to take a Freshmen Composition course as long as they complete the Honors curriculum. In that case, GH 101 and GH 201 will need to be completed before the student can enroll in a Junior Composition course.