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Spring 2020 Virtual Graduation Celebration

Welcome to the 2020 Honors College Senior Celebration. This year has been unlike any other year, and all of us have been bereft of a proper ending to the academic cycle. For seniors, and your families and loved ones, and those us that have followed your journeys, adventures, achievements, exploits, and many, many contributions, it is deeply saddening to not see you off in person. It’s a very unsatisfying close to this first chapter of your tenure as Sycamores, but there will be other chapters, and this is not the end. We will try to do some justice to your accomplishments and make a small monument to the Honors class of 2020.

Thank you for joining this virtual celebration. I want to welcome and acknowledge, of course, our wonderful students. This is your celebration, of your excellence and deeds and what you’ve given to our university. Welcome families and friends, you who have entrusted us with the well-being and futures of your young people for the past few years – they are very special people and their successes and whom they have become owe greatly to the love, support, and environments you have provided. Welcome campus and community leaders and administrators and staff, who steward the Honors College with your vision and guidance. Welcome to our generous donors who support the scholarships, research, and learning opportunities and academic enrichment that have helped these students grow and experience. And welcome faculty colleagues, who are the machinery and the substance of Honors at ISU – your ideas, wisdom and creativity, distilled in thousands of classroom conversations, sessions of one-on-one mentoring, inspiration and challenge.

I know that all of us are so very proud of the students; I am. We expect a tremendous amount from you, ask you to soar high and give us your tireless and polished ”very best,” to be the engine and the source of everything good at our university. You may not realize it, but we (the university we) spend a lot of time thinking about you, your goals and dreams and accomplishments, and try to shower you with praise and many accolades when you succeed.  We started thinking about you before you were even here, when you were just beginning your journey, when maybe you had shown a glimmer of promise, but were only contemplating joining us. Each class, each cohort, is special. But this class of seniors has changed ISU during its time here, and by that I mean you have improved the institution but have also changed us, the people. We will be different now, from having you among us these short years. You are bright, talented, generous -  you’ve been a force on this campus, in this community and others, and abroad. It has been a privilege to know you, a joy to work alongside you, rewarding to watch you succeed, and now, of course, we feel melancholy as you prepare to move on. I’ve said this before, but I’m always struck by it this time each year – it is the nature of universities that students pass ever onward, sharing their gifts with us, their energy, their ideas, their humor - in what really feels like the blink of an eye.

The students watching this now, scattered around the state and the country, and even abroad are of nearly the full range of majors and disciplines at the university – that is the essence of this academic unit - they are the Honors College. They came together for short time here, pushed themselves academically, seized many opportunities, completed research, and were part of this particular community not because of what they studied, but because of their excitement to learn, to serve and to make a difference. Because they chose to be part of the Honors community.

Greg Bierly, Dean

Welcome from President Curtis

The 12th president of Indiana State University, Dr. Deborah J. Curtis, shares this video of welcome and congratulations. 

Student Speaker: Colleen Madden

Colleen Madden is a Dietetics major, minoring in Language Studies, from Carlinville, Illinois. Her Honors thesis earned the Bakerman Award for research; she was recognized with the Charlotte Harker Scholarship, and the Gillum Award from the Division of Athletics. Colleen is a member of the women’s cross country and track and field team, and is the 6th fastest runner in the 10,000 m event in school history.

Student Speaker: Paige Welsh

Paige Welsh is a Dietetics major, minoring in Language Studies, from Kokomo, Indiana. She has been deeply involved with Riley Dance Marathon and Intervarsity in each of her years here. Paige holds the Michael and Amy Alley Endowed President’s Scholarship and served on the Honors College Council and as an Honors Peer Mentor.

Honors Senior Slideshow

Congratulations to the Honors College seniors who will be participating in Indiana State University's Spring 2020 Virtual Commencement!

Note: These videos were shared during a live virtual celebration via Zoom on May 2, 2020. View a recording of the live celebration