Honors Housing

Honors Learning Communities

First-year Honors students have the opportunity to live in an Honors community in Pickerl Hall or Burford Hall. Benefits of living in Honors housing include:

Pickerl Hall RAs

  • Living with and around other Honors students
  • An Honors Resident Assistant (RA) lives on each floor
  • Private bathrooms
  • Central air conditioning
  • Quiet hours on each floor
  • Floor lounges for studying and hanging out
  • A large programming space for Honors events
  • Close proximity to the Hulman Memorial Student Union, Dede Plaza and the ISU Fountain, and the Sycamore Dining Hall
  • A short walk from most classroom buildings
  • Access to the Honors College office, which is located on the first floor of Pickerl Hall

Honors students are not required to live in Pickerl Hall or Burford Hall; however, choosing to reside in an Honors living-learning community gives Honors students opportunities to develop friendships, form study groups, and get involved at Indiana State University.

Honors Housing Eligibility

Honors housing is a very popular choice for both incoming and returning Honors students. Incoming students who are interested in living in Pickerl Hall or Burford Hall will increase their chances of being assigned a room in an Honors community if they apply to the Honors College early and complete their Residential Life housing applications in a timely manner. Only Honors students are eligible to live in Honors housing, so Honors students who request to live with non-Honors roommates will not be assigned rooms on an Honors floor. Due to high demand, it is still possible that an eligible student will not be assigned a room in Pickerl Hall or Burford Hall.

Residential Life handles all final housing assignments, including roommate requests and changes. For more information about Pickerl Hall, Burford Hall, or completing a housing application, please contact Residential Life at (812) 237-3993.

Pickerl Hall