Honors Peer Mentors

The Honors Peer Mentors are experienced students in the Honors College who mentor first-year Honors students as they adjust to life at Indiana State University.

Each incoming Honors student is networked with a peer mentor, who will offer advice, answer questions, and be a friendly face on campus as you transition into the ISU community. The Honors Peer Mentors are involved in numerous organizations on campus and also with the Honors College, so they know first-hand what it is like to be a motivated student, take Honors classes, live on campus, study abroad, and effectively balance time between school and extra-curricular commitments. They are excited to share their experiences and get to know you!​

2017-2018 Honors Peer Mentors

Bram Blackwell, Honors Peer Mentor

Bram Blackwell

Hometown: Dow, IL.

Major: Accounting

Minor: Forensic Accounting


Leah Beth Carter, Honors Peer Mentor

Leah Beth Carter

Hometown: Louisville, IL.

Major: Biology

Minors: Civic Leadership and Dance


Gabrielle Comelleri, Honors Peer Mentor

Gabrielle Comelleri

Hometown: Terre Haute, IN.

Major: English

Minors: International Studies and Communication


Lindsey Cowan, Honors Peer Mentor

Lindsey Cowan

Hometown: Hinckley, IL.

Major: Exercise Science



Allison Crick, Honors Peer Mentor

Allison Crick

Hometown: Terre Haute, IN.

Majors: Marketing and Accounting



Emily Dircks, Honors Peer Mentor

Emily Dircks

Hometown: Freeburg, IL.

Majors: Biology and Pre-Medicine



Allie Engstrom, Honors Peer Mentor

Allie Engstrom

Hometown: Beaverton, OR.

Majors: Psychology and Pre-Medicine

Minor: Spanish


Mason Gay, Honors Peer Mentor

Mason Gay

Hometown: Vincennes, IN.

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry


Maggie Glowinski, Honors Peer Mentor

Maggie Glowinski

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN.

Major: Elementary Education

Minor: Spanish


Marisa Henderson, Honors Peer Mentor

Marisa Henderson

Hometown: Peoria, IL.

Major: Accounting



Jacob Kissick, Honors Peer Mentor

Jacob Kissick

Hometown: Cambridge City, IN.

Major: Finance



Mykenzie Kostka, Honors Peer Mentor

Mykenzie Kostka

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN.

Majors: Chemistry and Pre-Pharmacy



Maren Milbourn, Honors Peer Mentor

Maren Milbourn

Hometown: Marshall, IL.

Major: Nursing



Sarah Neeley, Honors Peer Mentor

Sarah Neeley

Hometown: Cloverdale, IN.

Major: Speech-Language Pathology

Minor: Nonprofit Leadership


Justin Ottino, Honors Peer Mentor

Justin Ottino

Hometown: Westville, IL.

Majors: Criminology & Criminal Justice and Spanish

Minor: Unmanned Systems


Aireon Owsley, Honors Peer Mentor

Aireon Owsley

Hometown: Evansville, IN.

Major: Social Work

Minor: Psychology for Social Work


Michaela Rausch, Honors Peer Mentor

Michaela Rausch

Hometown: Naperville, IL.

Majors: Communication and Criminology & Criminal Justice



Bianca Sloan, Honors Peer Mentor

Bianca Sloan

Hometown: Peru, IN.

Major: English Education

Minor: Theater Arts


Courtney Swanson, Honors Peer Mentor

Courtney Swanson

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN.

Major: Psychology

Minor: Criminology & Criminal Justice


Emily Taylor, Honors Peer Mentor

Emily Taylor

Hometown: Aurora, IN.

Major: Human Development & Family Studies

Minors: Psychology and Counseling


Matt Unrue, Honors Peer Mentor

Matt Unrue

Hometown: Goshen, IN.

Major: Exercise Science



Michaela Ward, Honors Peer Mentor

Michaela Ward

Hometown: Evansville, IN.

Major: Biology