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Honors Peer Mentor: Alex Overpeck

Alex Overpeck, Honors Peer MentorHometown: Clinton, IN

Major: Elementary Education

Minor: English

What do you like most about being an Honors student?

The exclusive and uniquely distinctive courses and curriculum. Honors students at ISU have the opportunity to take at least one or more general honors courses a year. Make the best of your choices! There are so many amazing classes that will truly alter and improve your critical thinking and engagement skills. First-year students have the opportunity to take courses that focus on a diverse variety of subjects, including philosophy and Rod Sterling’s The Twilight Zone, race in film, economic perspectives, cultures of Greece and Rome, and many more informative and unique courses. Also, the Honors College provides many extra-curricular activities and opportunities that are so distinctive from any other campus organization. Honors students will be eligible to attend parties, seminars, study-abroad opportunities, concerts, field trips, etc. In other words, I love being an Honors student, because I have the opportunity to experience life to the fullest and have the most esteemed access to the most culturally proficient courses on campus. The Honors College staff is very adamant at making your time at State the best and most engaging experience it can be! Have fun and get involved as much as you can, because time flies when you’re having fun.

Leadership and involvement at STATE:

I try to be involved as much as possible during my time at ISU. First of all, I am a member of the Honors College and an Honors Peer Mentor. I always try to give back to the community of Terre Haute by volunteering. I have volunteered at the ISU Community Garden and the Vigo County Library. Also, I will soon be an official member of the Bayh College of Education as a sophomore in the fall. My words of wisdom are to definitely get involved in many organizations, clubs, societies, sororities and fraternities, jobs, etc. Take advantage of your opportunities!

What advice do you have for incoming Honors students?

I have many suggestions and advice pertaining towards success and accomplishment during your first semester as a Sycamore, but my most important piece of advice would be to stay consistent with your class schedule and course homework. Please check Canvas everyday! Also, download Canvas on your phone, enable notifications, and be consistent when turning in homework. Most instructors and professors will give you plenty of time to complete your work, but don’t wait until the last minute to complete said coursework. Also, stay connected and interact with your instructors and professors. They are all here to help you and make sure you are successful at ISU. Also, take advantage of Cunningham Memorial Library. ISU’s library is one of the most constitutive places on campus that provides students with a large abundance of materials. Which includes books, computers, one-on-one assistance from the library consultants, films, music, food and drinks, and most importantly quiet study spaces. In other words, be involved and aware of how special ISU is and how many opportunities this wonderful university provides. Join clubs, make friends, start new adventures, and be the best human you have the power to become. If you need assistance or advice about adjusting to ISU or whatever may be the concern, always feel free to reach out to me, the ISU counseling center, or even your instructors and professors. College can be the most amazing experience of your life or it may not be, it just depends on you and your motivation to become successful. College doesn’t last forever, so take advantage of the opportunities! I am always here to help. Good luck! Go Sycamores!