Lindsey Cowan, Honors Peer Mentor

Lindsey Cowan, Honors Peer Mentor

Hometown: Hinckley, IL.
Major: Exercise Science
What do you like most about being an Honors student?

I love the fact that I can interact with other students that value their education as much as I do. Being in a group of people who challenge me to constantly improve has proved to be extremely beneficial as well as rewarding. Helping others push themselves to reach their goals gives me great satisfaction, and I love that I can grow my network of people!

Leadership and involvement at STATE:

Apart from being an Honors Peer Mentor, I currently work as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Floor Specialist at the Rec. Not only do I have the opportunity to help others reach their potential academically with my role as an Honors Peer Mentor, I can also help others improve physically as well. Being able to see the excitement that people experience when they reach their goals will never get old, and I hope that my excitement for my work helps motivate other individuals to try their best. If you ever see me in the Rec (or anywhere else on campus for that matter), don’t hesitate to come say hi!

What advice do you have for incoming Honors students?

I know coming to college can be overwhelming, but I promise you it will be a blast! Getting out of your comfort zone is highly recommended because that is where you will find some of your best friends. I have learned to love new experiences because I view them with a sense of optimism, and I look forward to trying new things. Involvement in clubs will also help you get the most out of your time here at ISU, and you will make connections that will last a lifetime. I wish everyone luck with coming to college, and I can’t wait to meet you all in the Fall!