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Grae Fulford, Honors Peer Mentor

Grae Fulford, Honors Peer MentorHometown: Sullivan, IN

Major: Art - 2-Dimensional Studio

Minors: African and African American Cultural Studies & Art History

What do you like most about being an Honors student?

What I like most about being an honors student is the classes provided for us. I have never had a class that was so discussion-heavy being taught. I like this a lot because instead of hearing a lecturer, you get to discuss the information and get different viewpoints on the topic. These classes have really opened my eyes to other views, and I still carry a lot of that information with me today.

Leadership and involvement at STATE:

I am involved with the Peer Mentoring Center on campus and have been mentoring through the center for over a year now. I love the chance to talk to people and get to know them. As a first-gen student, making people feel more at ease and helping their transition into college is my number one priority because it was something that would have helped me greatly when I first came in.

What advice do you have for incoming Honors students?

Some advice that I would give an incoming honors student is to take a variety of classes with lots of different professors to really hone in on what you are passionate about. I’d also advise students to figure out what they need to do to graduate and plan ahead, BUT don’t take everything too seriously and have a fun time at college. We have a lot of great opportunities here at ISU and unfortunately, I went years without utilizing them because I was too focused on trying to be perfect.