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Kyra Helming, Honors Peer Mentor

Honors Peer Mentor - Kyra HelmingHometown: Ferdinand, IN.
Major: Communication - Public Relations
What do you like most about being an Honors student?

I like the sense of community. Being an Honors student, I feel as though I am always welcome in Pickerl Hall or have something to do because we always have events or speakers to attend. In addition, I love being able to register for classes with the seniors. It helps students get a better chance of getting their first choice classes.

Leadership and involvement at STATE:

I am involved in Greek Life and act as the current Vice President for Sisterhood for the Panhellenic Association. In addition, I am a dancer with StateDM, a mentor in Big Brothers Big Sisters, and President’s Scholar Association.

What advice do you have for incoming Honors students?

For incoming Honors students, I would recommend taking advantage of the opportunities. As Honors students, you are given more chances to attend great speakers, go to fun events, and more. I would just like to tell students to attend these functions. In addition, I would tell students to learn time management. You will have more free time, and it can be hard to manage in the beginning. Time management will become a skill that most students will need to learn.


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