Professional Development Opportunities

The Honors College regularly partners with the Career Center to offer programs that will help you prepare for your future. We work with the Career Center to offer interactive workshops, designed intentionally with Honors students in mind, to help you build a resume, write a cover letter, prepare for interviewing, decide whether graduate school is for you, discover graduate school resources, apply for internships, network with professionals, etc.

Sycamore Career Ready Certificate

Honors students are encouraged to work toward completion of the Sycamore Career Ready Certificate. This Certificate is facilitated by the Career Center and focuses on developing job readiness and professional skills and can be added to your resume and used as an excellent talking point as you apply to jobs.

There are a number of ways that Honors experiences may count toward completion of the Sycamore Career Ready Certificate, including:

  • GH 401 research, which may count toward 200 hours of experiential learning
  • Attending workshops hosted by the Career Center (including the Honors workshops mentioned above)
  • Participating in volunteer work related to your major

Please contact the Career Center at 812-237-5000 with any questions about the Sycamore Career Ready Certificate.

Honors Student Perspective

Honors alumna Jaylon Hines completed the Sycamore Career Ready Certificate before she graduated in May 2016.

Jaylon HinesWhy did you register for the Sycamore Career Ready Certificate?

I wanted to get this certificate because it seemed like it could be another aspect to add to my resume and make myself seem more appealing when applying for internships and jobs.

Furthermore, I chose to get the Sycamore Career Ready Certificate because it would be able to help me gain access to more networking contacts, gain an additional credential for my LinkedIn profile, and show me what is necessary to succeed in my career.

What do you feel you gained from the certificate?

Not only have I received a free career kit (a portfolio, flash drive, notepad, etc.), but my exposure to potential employers for various job-related opportunities has also increased. This is extremely important to me as a future May 2016 graduate (double major in Marketing and Public Relations; minor in Spanish), because the skills that the certificate ensures that you gain increase your readiness for any professional career.  

Would you recommend it to other students? If yes, why?

Of course I would recommend others to get this certificate! Not only does it help you to gain experiences that you may not without the certificate, but it creates an opportunity for you to get to know your Career Center liaison better and create valuable future networking possibilities.

Have you have talked about the Certificate with an employer? If yes, what did you say about?

Yes, what I did in the certificate serves as a great conversational piece when networking and being interviewed for positions. From my point-of-view, there are so many employers that would love to hear about how you did job shadowing hours or how you volunteered in your community in addition to your academic achievements. This certificate is worth the investment.