Honors Eligibility

Admission to the University Honors Program is based upon academic performance and potential. The criteria for admission vary according to the stage of your education. If you would like to join the University Honors Program, please follow the link that best fits your situation to get a description of the specific admission requirements.

Please contact the University Honors Program Office at 812-237-3225 with any questions about the Honors admission process.

Note: For more information about applying to Indiana State University, please call 1-800-GO-TO-ISU or visit the Office of Admissions website at www.indstate.edu/admissions.

Honors Students on Navajo Nation

Pictured above: Honors students from Indiana State University on the Navajo Nation in Arizona


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to earn really good grades in high school to get into the University Honors Program?

Goods grades are helpful, but the University Honors Program admits students based on a variety of criteria from high school. The emphasis is on student potential and motivation, and that can be demonstrated in many ways. If you are an extremely motivated student that struggled a bit in high school, please contact us; we want to talk with you.

Can I enter the University Honors Program if I did not join directly from high school?

Certainly. The University Honors Program will consider your performance in University classes, at ISU or elsewhere, in making the decision to admit you.

Can I still be in Honors if I'm undecided on my major?

Definitely. Honors is designed to fit with any major, and earning Foundational Studies credits by taking General Honors classes is a great way to start and may help you choose a major.

Will Honors be too much for me if I'm an athlete, belong to a student organization, have a job, etc.?

Many Honors students are very involved on campus and quite successful in their Honors classes and degree program. The key is being aware of your own limitations and learning how to manage your time. While Honors classes are more challenging, you should also find them more engaging, which will help you stay interested and motivated to be successful.