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GH 401 Research Presentations

Fall 2022 Schedule

Oral Presentations

Session 1:  Monday, November 28  •  11:00AM—1:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Morgan Adams, Music Education: Inside 2020: An Analysis of 2020 Through the Lens of Bo Burnham’s Inside
  • Makenna Dunkin, Baccalaureate Nursing: The Impact of Diabetes Meletus on Post-Stroke Cognitive Function
  • Connor Floyd, Mechanical Engineering Technology: Technologies and Industry: How New Practices and Inventions Impact Life
  • Andrew Fouts, History: Reforming Rebel Right: The Right to Revolt and its Place in the Golden Age of Piracy
  • Justin Guieb, Computer Science: Do Confabulations Play a Positive or Negative Role for Mental Illnesses?
  • Caroline Merk, Art: From Screen to Stall: The Transgender Killer Trope and its Effect on the Bathroom Debate
  • Luke Powell, Professional Aviation Flight Technologies: Treading Water: The Current and Future Effects of the Pilot Shortage
  • Marissa Schoon, Psychology: Advocating for LGBTQ+ Clients in the Counseling Field
Session 2: Tuesday, November 29  •  9:00AM—11:00AM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Shelby Abbott, Human Resource Development: Retention in the Workplace
  • Erin Beyers, Business Management: Management Styles: Balancing Workplace Oversight
  • Kelsey Bowlds, Applied Medicine: Finding a Balance: Evaluating Sport Specialization and Sport Sampling in Athletes
  • Samantha McGivern, Speech-Language Pathology: Coal is What Built the Town: The Cumberland Mountain Coal Company’s Impact on Eastern Tennessee
  • India Orman, History: Astrology and Shifting Worldviews
  • Sommer Pitzer, Applied Medicine: The Impact of Overload Training on Muscle Adaptation
  • Jayde Seitzinger, Criminology and Criminal Justice; Intelligence Analysis: Human Trafficking in the United States: Methodology, Victimology, and Prevention Strategies
  • Carter Shaw, Biology: Exploring the Various Disparities American Rural Communities Face When Accessing Primary Health Care
  • Brett Trammell, Business Management: Money and Rights: Trying to Understand the Shifting Landscape of College Sports
  • Danielle Voges, Psychology: You Are More Like a Brother to Me: How Potential Mates are Differentiated from Friends
  • Sara Will, English Teaching: Shifting the Mindset: Addressing the Teacher Shortage in America
  • Emily Wolf, Psychology; Criminology & Criminal Justice: Why Did I End Up Like My Parents? Studying the Intergenerational Transmission of Abuse.

Poster Presentations

Session 1: Wednesday, November 30  •  9:00AM—11:00AM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Rebecca Bybee, Baccalaureate Nursing: A Look into Teen Pregnancies: Prevalent Factors Affecting Adolescents
  • Om Dalal, Biology: Analysis of Disparities in Rural Healthcare and Modern Approaches to Combatting Them
  • Caroline Emenaker, History: LGBTQ+ Studies in the Islamic Middle East
  • Gage Fraser, Bachelor of Science: Physical Activity: Achievement Effects with Physical Activity and Exercise
  • Serra Hanrahan, Applied Medicine: The Collegiate Cry for Help: An Investigation into the Psychology Behind Injury in College Athletics
  • Anna Kraushaar, Accounting: Pornography as Theory: Examining the Influences of Pornography in Our Communities
  • Makenna McNabb, Baccalaureate Nursing: An Examination of the Relationship between Childhood Obesity and Adult Disease
  • Tayla Reimondo, Applied Medicine: Access to Care and the Effects on the Health of our Society
  • Lorna Roeder, Business Management; Operations and Supply Chain Management: Multilevel Marketing: Schemes, or the American Dream?
  • Grace Willmann, Recreational Therapy: What the Health? The Correlation between Functional Medicine and Sensory Processing in Children with Autism
Session 2: Wednesday, November 30  •  11:00AM—1:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Natalie Bivona, Baccalaureate Nursing: Pediatric Cancer: How it Affects Parents, Siblings, and the Child
  • Sam Bowen, Finance & Financial Services: Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs): Studying the Potential Impact on the Healthcare Industry
  • Tyler Burnham, Baccalaureate Nursing: COVID-19: Effect and Exposure of American Healthcare
  • Logan M. DeSchepper, Biology (Pre-Veterinary): Management of Sepsis in the Modern Veterinary Patient and Associated Novel Therapeutics
  • Isaac Foley, Aviation Management and Unmanned Systems: Project MK Ultra: Contribution to U.S. Counterculture
  • Madeline Hemrich, Psychology: Exploring Cognition: Prenatal Alcohol Consumption and Cognitive Development
  • Daunte Majors, Exercise Science: Fitness For Children
  • Savannah Shelton, Psychology: Children and Eating Disorders: The Potential Causes, Prevention Methods, Treatment and Aftereffects
  • Megan Stegall, Communication Sciences and Disorders: The Disadvantage: The Impact of Interaction and Socio-Economic Status on Children’s Language Development
  • Hanna Willis, Exercise Science: Creatine: The Physiological and Psychological Effects
Session 3: Thursday, December 1  •  9:00AM—11:00AM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Sydney Eisenmenger, Business Administration: We Don't Talk about Politics: An Examination into the Effect of Social Media on the Political Environment
  • Megan Heck, Accounting and Finance: Market and Individual Analysis of the Retail Industry: Amazon vs. Walmart
  • Dominick Intravaia, Computer Engineering Technology: Artificial Intelligence Deep Reinforcement Learning: History, Structure, and Ethics
  • Elizabeth Jones, Engineering: Emerging Technological Advances in Wastewater Treatment: The Thermal Hydrolysis Process and its Effect
  • Sara-Michal Jones, Biology: Redevelopment and Reintroduction of Viruses: A closer look into Monkeypox
  • Baelyn Koester, Baccalaureate Nursing: Polypharmacy in the Pediatric Population: A Closer Look into the use of Antibiotics and Stimulants
  • Emma Olsen, Theatre; Linguistics: Keeping the Meaning: The Complexity of Translating Subtitles
  • Kaitlyn Pendergast, Baccalaureate Nursing: Pediatric Obesity: A Review of Causes, Effects, Prevention, and Treatment
  • Emma Winks, Biology with Specialization in Medical Laboratory Science: Geography Meets Genetics: The Genetics of an Isolated White-Tailed Deer Population
Session 4: Thursday, December 1  •  11:00AM—1:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Lily Cain, Management Information Systems: Epilepsy in Young Adults: A Glance into the Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Diagnosis
  • Karac Donald, Biology: Introduction to Cariology: The Study of Tooth Decay
  • Sarah Eubank, Mathematics Teaching: Can I Learn Today? The Good, Bad, and Ugly in Secondary Education Classrooms
  • Rachel Gherna, Baccalaureate Nursing: Long-Term Neurological Effects of Reye Syndrome
  • Hayley Hatfield, Baccalaureate Nursing: Effects of Prenatal Lead Exposure
  • Lauren Jacobs, Baccalaureate Nursing: American Plague: Combatting Drug Addiction in the U.S.A.
  • Alice Jones, English Education: Outcomes of Teaching Critical Thinking at the Secondary Level
  • Kierra Renner, Baccalaureate Nursing: Poverty and Healthcare: A Study of the Correlation Between Cyclical Poverty and the Failures of Modern Healthcare
  • Hogan Sloop, Art: Geemee Shelltah: Advertising for Nothing
  • Zachariah Savia, History: English in a Francophone World:  A Geo-Linguistic Analysis of Past and Present Lingua Francas
  • Gwendolyn Stewart, Packaging Engineering Technology: Single-Use Plastics in Food Packaging: FDA Responsibility, Sustainably, Alternatives, and Future Outlook
Session 5: Friday, December 2 •  9:00AM—11:00AM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Jory Bales, Elementary Education: The Children Who Need Us: Implementing Therapy into Elementary Schools to Reduce Depression and Anxiety
  • Caitlyn Bogue, Applied Medicine: Modalities of Physical Therapy
  • Elizabeth Collins, Packaging Engineering Technology: Safety Data Sheets: Life Saving Information and Employer’s Roles
  • Audra Doedtman, Finance: Women & Wealth: The Impact of the Great Wealth Transfer
  • Jada Palmer, Criminology and Criminal Justice: Education and Crime: A Look at the Disproportionality of the Learning World
  • Nathan Price, Computer Engineering: The Quantum Leap: A Look into the Future of Computing
  • Jessica Wiersema, English Teaching: Addressing the Women in the Room: Stop Whispering Lesbian
Session 6: Friday, December 2  •  11:00AM—1:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Jenna Griffith, Baccalaureate Nursing: The Prevention and Reversibility of Cardiovascular Disease Through Alternative Methods
  • Emily Hale, Baccalaureate Nursing: Comparing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting to Alternative Treatments
  • Ryan Knezevich, Operations and Supply Chain Management: More Than Meets the Brain: Physical Implications of Living with Bipolar Disorder
  • Sara Kremitzki, Dietetics: Nature’s Medicine: The Effect of Nutrition on the Progression and Prevention of Cancer in the Human Body
  • Meagan Mader, Baccalaureate Nursing: The Influences of Eat Sleep Console on the Care of Neonates Born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS)
  • Kelsey Prewitt, Psychology: Attachment Theory and its Relevance to Childhood Adversity
  • Tyler Smith, Music Composition: The Next Great Era of Music: Exploring the Impending Dominance of Spatial Audio in the Music Sphere
  • Taylor Tragesser, Intelligence Analysis: Poetry as Therapy: An Analysis of Poetry and Mental Health
  • Addison Wingler, Baccalaureate Nursing: Addiction and Its Effects on the Brain, Self, and Family

Recorded Presentations