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GH 401 Research Presentations

Spring 2024 Oral Presentations

Session 1: Wednesday, May 1  •  9:00AM—11:00AM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Celestia Bennett, Communication Sciences and Disorders: Social Struggles of Disabled Children: Impacts of Lack of Pragmatic Abilities on Children with Developmental Disorders
  • Makayla Curce, Baccalaureate Nursing: Mothers at Risk: Exploring Factors Contributing to Maternal Mortality in America
  • Kalene Dean, Marketing: Preparing Underrepresented Students for an international Service-Learning Trip
  • Torrence Farmer, Elementary Education: How Does Parental Involvement Coincide with Student Academic Achievement?
  • Ruthanne Fischer, Management: AI: Is the Future Robots?
  • Laney Gilbert, Mathematics Teaching: Is the Flipped Classroom Model Revolutionary or Ruinous? An Analysis of the New Teaching Model and its Outcomes
  • Allison McElravy, Music Business: Music to Enrich Young Minds: A Look into the Inclusion of Music Education in Early Childhood Education Settings
  • Blake Simpson, Communications: ISU and The Flutie Effect
  • Payton Vallee, Intelligence Analysis: Social Media Algorithms and Their Effect on Child Exploitation
  • Josiah Wilson, Computer Science: Smart Menus: Using Computer Analytics to Find Meals that Fit Given Macronutrients

Session 2: Friday, May 3  •  9:00AM—11:00AM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Draylen Akers, Criminology & Criminal Justice: From Classroom to Cell: A Call to Action for Educational Reform
  • Jonnishae Bennett, Criminology & Criminal Justice: "It's Your Fault": The Over-Criminalization and Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in the Imprisonment of African-American Males in America
  • Callie DeVore, Accounting: Financial Literacy: Should it be required for high school curriculum?
  • Jenna Eltzroth, Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation: The Morning After Antibiotic - Bacterial STI Prevention
  • Robert Goekler, Information Technology: Economic Implications of Moore's Law
  • Ti'Anyana Hayes, Criminology & Criminal Justice: Incarceration and its Impact on Families and Communities
  • Andrew Miller, Baccalaureate Nursing: Nursing Burnout: Combating Burnout and Improving Job Satisfaction Among Nurses
  • Brent M. Monnett, Geography and Sustainability: The Marketplace of Ideas Quenched: Examination of Christological conflicts, and their outcomes, in the Early Christian Church
  • Kasey Myer, Communication Sciences and Disorders: The Effect of Using Machine Translators on the Performance of Second  Language Learners


Spring 2024 Printed Research Poster Presentations

Session 1: Monday, April 29  •  10:00AM—12:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Rebecca Foesch, Applied Medicine: Provider Communication: The Impacts on Healthcare
  • Alexa Gilman, Computer Science: From Bits to Beds: Design and Implementation of a Hotel Booking System
  • Kayleigh Hite, Criminology and Criminal Justice: Stimulate the Senses: How the Great Outdoors Affects Mental Health
  • Samantha Oliver, Baccalaureate Nursing: Virtual Nursing in the Hospital Setting
  • Myles Sanford, Marketing: 4 Your Eyez Only: Examining Black Masculinity from Lyrics to Life
  • Kaylie Stachelski, Baccalaureate Nursing: Long Term Effects on Health: Analyzing the Lasting Effects of COVID-19 on the Human Body
  • Erin Underwood, Applied Medicine: Women in Weights: Contraindications for Osteoporosis and Sarcopenia in Cycle Syncing Exercise
  • Nicholas Wagner, Sport Management: How does Heavy Metal Music Affect Mental Health?

Session 2: Monday, April 29  •  2:00PM—4:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Morgan Adams, Communication Sciences and Disorders: A Comparative Review of Communication Disorders in Degenerative Diseases: the science,  impact, and intervention
  • Analise Best, Music: Impact of Music on Language Development
  • Haley Chaney, Physical Education—Exercise Science: The Female Athlete Triad: Understanding the Why and How
  • Madison Cook, Psychology: The Art of Inclusion: The Psychosocial Impact of Media Representation on LGBTQ+ Youth
  • Collin Eckstein, Accounting: Sustainable Accounting: The Benefits and Challenges of its Implementation
  • Trent Eckstein, Political Science: Exploring Political Polarization in Today's America
  • John Fritch, Business Management: Ancient Shakespeare: Examining Classical Influence Upon Shakespeare's Plays
  • Hannah Halt, Exercise Science: Investigating outcomes of emerging treatments for Cerebral Palsy
  • Ashleigh Johnson, Recreational Therapy: Recreational and Occupational Therapy: As Treatments for Mental Health
  • Jeremy Sanchez, Marketing Management: No corporate America without sports
  • Aliyah Schwenk, Baccalaureate Nursing: The Use of Scalp Cooling for Chemotherapy-induced Alopecia

Session 3: Tuesday, April 30  •  10:00AM—12:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Emma Bond, Packaging Engineering Technology: Keratin-Based Film: Waste into Bioplastic
  • Alexis Fears, Applied Medicine: An Examination of The Benefits Between Massage Therapy and Mental Health
  • Kaylan Galey, Applied Medicine: Health and Lifestyles Around the World: United States, Ecuador, and Italy
  • Jordan Gruce, Criminology & Criminal Justice and Psychology: Social Media and the Court: Exploring Impacts, Challenges, and Legal Considerations in the Digital Age
  • Jacob Huber, Nutrition & Wellness: The Diet as Medicine: The Power of Lifestyle Habits to Control Autoimmune Diseases Background
  • Lydia Jones, Elementary Education: Is it more than just play? The impacts of incorporating play into the early elementary classrooms
  • Grace Martin, Biology: The Utilization of MG-63 Osteosarcoma Cells as a Biocompatibility Model for Bone Regeneration in Manufactured Scaffolds
  • Brianna Nirtaut, Chemistry: True Crime Obsession: Analyzing True Crime Media from the Past to the Present
  • Randi Jo Pryor, Elementary Education: Teacher-Student Relationships: The Role of Relationships on Effective Classroom Management
  • Alexa Szadorski, Baccalaureate Nursing: The Danger of Medication Administration in the Pediatric Population
  • Alivia Vincent, Marketing: The Power of Marketing: Consumer Behaviors, Data Analytics and Marketing Strategies in Current Times
  • Selene Weaver, Applied Medicine: Mushrooms as Medicine: Using Psilocybin to Improve Quality of Life

Session 4: Tuesday, April 30  •  2:00PM—4:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Maddix Blackwell, Intelligence Analysis: The Impact of Sports Wagering on NCAA Competition Viewership
  • Grace Buswell, Business Administration: Understanding Donor Psychology: Exploring Motivations in Terre Haute's Community
  • Rheannah Donald, Biology and Biochemistry: Re-Powering Lost Land:  The Analysis of Renewable Energy on Contaminated Land
  • Miah Ferran, Chemistry: Examining Cancer Medication Shortages: Causes, Impacts, and Solutions
  • Michelle Hall, Criminology and Legal Studies: Jail Overcrowding: An Analysis into how to Fix the Criminal Justice System
  • Andrea Korbel, Language Studies—Japanese: Cultures Represented in Everyday Life: Japanese and American Values and Culture
  • Mikal Lange, Pre-Med/Biochemistry: Optimization of NiFe Electrocatalysts for Water-Splitting Reactions
  • Grace Longyear, Marketing: The Philanthropic Landscape: Fundraising Practices Across Institutions
  • Evan Mack, Chemistry: Introduction to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in a Geochemical Setting
  • Macey Mong, Baccalaureate Nursing: The Outstanding Issue of Hypertension: A Public Health Crisis

Session 5: Thursday, May 2  •  10:00AM—12:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Aneesh Alapati, Psychology: Sleep and its effects on students
  • Nishal Baddela, Finance: Balancing Profit and Social Impact: Corporate Social Responsibility in Contemporary Business Practices
  • Becca Bischoff, Exercise Science—Physical Therapy: Cannabis: Its Benefits and Risks
  • Kaylee Ballard, Biology: Ultrasonography Medicine: Alternative Applications of Ultrasound
  • Reagan Banfield, English: Classical Education in the 21st Century: Challenges and Approaches to using an Ancient Form of Education in Modern Society
  • William Hopton, Marketing: Don’t Gamble Your Life Away: An Analysis of the Relationship between Big Media, Advertising, and Gambling
  • Sage Kinsey, Marketing: Social Media: A Catalyst for Environmental Awareness
  • Jake Lindeman, Professional Aviation Flight Technology: Student Productivity: Analyzing the Habits of Our Current Youth
  • Reagan Noel, Baccalaureate Nursing: Neonatal Nutrition: An Analysis of Growth and Development Based on Feeding Types
  • Catherine Petit, Operations and Supply Chain Management: The Effects of High and Low Corporate Income Tax on a Business
  • Lauren Shillo, Baccalaureate Nursing: A Nursing Point of View: Investigating the Causes of Medical Errors and Strategies for Prevention
  • Justin Wittmer, Electronics Engineering Technology and Computer Engineering Technology: Crossing the Moore’s Law Bridge: An Examination of Nantechnology in Modern Electronics

Session 6: Thursday, May 2  •  2:00PM—4:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Jenna Avery, Interior Architecture Design: From Space to Success: An Exploration of Interior Design Practices for Optimal Learning Outcomes in Higher Education
  • Paige Heagy, Psychology: Cybervictimization and Depression: A Cultural Standpoint
  • Caitlin Liechti-Hawkins, Baccalaureate Nursing: Inositol: A Viable Treatment for PCOS?
  • Alexandra Martin, Applied Medicine: Mental Health Matters: An Analysis of Anxiety and Depression in College Students
  • Dylan Maupin, Operations and Supply Chain Management: Unveiling the Dark Side of Technology: Exploring the Nexus of Conflict Minerals, Child Labor, and the Global Supply Chain in the Electronics Industry
  • Emma McLaughlin, English Teaching: Problems and Possibilities: Public Online Learning and How Universal Design for Learning Mitigates Its Unique Challenges
  • Carlynn Olinger, Interior Architectural Design: Architects of Influence: Pioneers who Shaped Today’s Architecture
  • Madison Tretter, Interior Architecture Design: Multisensory Design in Healthcare: Enhancing Emotional Engagement
  • Kathryn Yankey, Applied Medicine: Oxygen Saturation Percentage Reading on Pulse Oximeter: Nail Polish Color
  • Kamryn Zadeii, Biology: Addressing the Disparities: Rural Healthcare Outcomes