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GH 401 Research Presentations

Fall 2023 Oral Presentations

Session 1: Wednesday, December 6  •  9:00AM—11:00AM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Mallory Baumann, Theater: Bringing Theater to Life: How Theater Helps All
  • Jaiden Chiletz, Computer Science: Being Aware of Digital Privacy and Cyber Security
  • Kaylen Gustafson, Exercise Science: Muscle Fiber Types: How They Affect Sport Performance
  • Danielle Henning, Marketing: A Marketing Plan to Increase Attendance at Indiana State University Softball Games and the Team’s Engagement with the Community
  • Rachel Hildebrand, Marketing: Impact of Screen Time and COVID on Adolescent Attention Spans
  • Emma Kaelin, Communication Sciences and Disorders: The Analysis of the Impact of Social Media and Technology on Mental Health
  • Elizabeth Kindler, Applied Medicine: To Medicate, Or Not to Medicate? Investigating an Overreliance on Antianxiety Drugs to Treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Potential Alternatives to Pharmacotherapy
  • Ying-Tung Lee, Psychology: The relationship between racial stereotype and politics
  • Nicholas Powers, Professional Aviation Flight Technology and Aviation Management: The Future of Commercial Air Transport: Advanced Air Mobility; Hurdles, Challenges, and Feasibility
  • Kenna Teague, Criminology & Criminal Justice: Improving Crime Scene Evidence Collection
  • Olivia Wagner, Marketing & Operations and Supply Chain Management: The Covid-19 Pandemic vs. Global Supply Chains: Past, Current, and Future State

Session 2: Friday, December 8  •  9:00AM—11:00AM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Ethan Denbo, Computer Science: A Multidimensional Comparison of Narrative and Response across Horror Literature and Film
  • Bailey Flath Hollis, General Studies: The American Dream: Literature's Reflection of an American Nightmare
  • Wilfred Jensen, Philosophy: Letters to Found Family (Poetry Collection)
  • Maxwell Klebe, Psychology: The Psychology and Evolution of Cinematic Horror: Exploring the Complex Roots of the Captivating Genre
  • Michaela Lynch, Management: Financial Astrology: The History, Psychology, and Use of Financial Astrology
  • Madison Nichols, Social Studies Education: The Changeling Mindset: How Historical Treatment of Autism Has Influenced Ableism
  • Cameron O'Hare, Applied Medicine: It's Electrifying!: The Relationship Between Therapeutic Massage and Skeletal Muscle Electromyography
  • Haley Osmon, Applied Medicine: Diving into the World of Youth Athletics: The Nature of Multisport and Sport-Specialized Athletes
  • Kindra Pierce, Mechanical Engineering Technology: Wait for the Crash: The Plausibility of a Safer Amusement Park Industry
  • Wyatt Puff, Computer Science: A New Age on the Horizon: Exploring the Evolution and Future of AI and Machine Learning
  • Erica Smith, Baccalaureate Nursing: Safe Sleep and the Development over Time


Fall 2023 Printed Research Poster Presentations

Session 1: Monday, December 4  •  10:00AM—12:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Brooke Bernhardt, Applied Medicine: Exploring the Evolution and Impact of Telehealth: A Comprehensive Thesis
  • Ciara Despain, Human Development and Family Sciences: No Family Left Behind: The Impacts of Poverty on Development and Family Functioning
  • Ellie Heerema, Human Development and Family Sciences: More than “Just Breathe” : Techniques for Coping with Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Aubrey Hook, Exercise Science: Recovery for Tendinopathies With an Emphasis on Ice
  • Zach Kemp, Geology: Lead in Terre Haute Soils
  • Lorynn Leitgabel, Baccalaureate Nursing: Pre-eclampsia: finding the pathology of the disease 
  • Hope Linville, Marketing: Banned Food Ingredients Across Nations Excluding the U.S. : Examining Health Implications, Regulatory Approaches, and Substitutes
  • Zoe Randolph, Baccalaureate Nursing: An Examination of Medication Compliance in Patients with Serious Mental Illness: Problems and Solutions
  • Sarah Smaltz, Elementary Education: Being a Teacher in the 21st Century: The Overwhelming Roles and Responsibilities
  • Breanna Smith, Psychology: A Place to Feel Bad: Environmental Regulation of Negative Affect
  • Avery Snyder, Chemistry: Natural Bond Order Analysis of Organic Reactions

Session 2: Monday, December 4  •  2:00PM—4:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Alison Amerman, Financial Services: The Rising Cost of Living: Impact on Stay-at-Home Parents
  • Haley Burke, History: Give It Back?: A Look Into Repatriation in American Museums
  • Jessica Crowe, Recreational Therapy: Dopamine: The Effects of Technology on a Developing Brain
  • Luke Hargrave, Chemistry: Synthesis and oxidation of potassium bis(ethylenegylcolato)organosilicates and organosilatranes
  • Terra Herberger, Criminology and Criminal Justice: Learned Helplessness
  • Devin Hiatt, Chemistry: Mechanisms for Oxirane Formation in Interstellar Molecular Clouds
  • Samantha Leyden, Applied Medicine: Population Genetics: Analyzing the Genetics of an Isolated Population of White-Tailed Deer
  • Azriel Joy Manalaysay, Biology & Pre-Medicine: Mejor Salud para Todos: Examining the Effects of Health Care Barriers in Hispanic/Latino Populations in the United States and Analyzing Possible Solutions
  • Katie Myers, Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation: BAP vs. SBP: A Comparative Review for the Patient
  • Kristen Ream, Human Resource Development: Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Kapil Reddy, Exercise Science & Pre-Medicine: The Effects of Hyperglycemia on Efflux Transporter Activity in an Alzheimer’s Disease-Derived Blood-Brain Barrier Model
  • Lauren Thomas, Finance: Bank Failures and Government Bailouts
  • Jordan Witt, Music Education: The Influence of Conducting on Instrumental Performance Anxiety

Session 3: Tuesday, December 5  •  10:00AM—12:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Michaela ArnTessoni, Cybercriminology and Security Studies & Criminology and Criminal Justice: Terrorism in the Digital Age
  • Jocelyn Astleford, Criminology and Cybercriminology: Online Child Exploitation
  • Kelsey Bradshaw, Accounting: Hiking Away From Fraud: Forensic Accounting against James T. Hammes
  • Nikelle Carlson, Music Education: Tuning Into Adolescence: Music’s Role in Cognitive Development and Its Implications for Music Educators
  • Alivia Gilman, Legal Studies: The Psychological Reliability of Eyewitness Testimony in the Legal System: Implications and Alternatives
  • Hailee Haase, Elementary Education: Childhood Trauma: The Effects and Responses in the Classroom
  • Will Huff, Science Education: Locked in Learning: A Critical Analysis of School Resource Officers and the Student Experience
  • Noah McSpadden, Engineering: Beyond Compliance: An Analysis of Combined Sewer Overflows and their Impact on the Ecosystem and Urban Development
  • Riley Murphy, Criminology & Cybercriminology and Security Studies: Marijuana Perspectives and the Legalization of Marijuana
  • Charlotte Olsen, History: The Age of Gods and Heroes: The Function of Greek Mythology in the Development of Delos
  • Brianna Stasel, Music Education: Exploring the Klára Kokas Pedagogical Approach and its Benefits in Music Education
  • Teal Trittschuh, Applied Medicine: Guillain Barré Syndrome: The Implication of Diagnosing the Cause

Session 4: Tuesday, December 5  •  2:00PM—4:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Garrison Bock, Environmental Geoscience: Impacts of Climate Change on Tourism
  • Hannah Buescher, Baccalaureate Nursing: Ramifications of Poverty in the United States with a Focus on Healthcare
  • Muhammad Ahsan Khan, Computer Science: Data's Invisible Influence: A Journey into the Depths of Information Manipulation
  • Hunter Marple, Political Science: How adequate is America’s current tort reform legal apparatus?
  • Megan Owens, Elementary Education: Ramifications of Technology on Social Situations and Leadership Skills on Generation Z in the Workplace
  • Stanley Ozongwu, Public Health: Alcohol Misuse and Alcohol Use Disorder: How Alcohol Impacts the United States
  • Rose Pankoke, Elementary Education: How Violence in the Home Alters a Young Child's Brain Structure
  • Abigail Rollins, Financial Services: Food Insecurity & Food Deserts: Impacts, Causes & Effects
  • Katie Ryan, Aviation Management: Future of Advanced Air Mobility in the Aviation Sector
  • Madelynn Welsh, Biology & Language Studies: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: An Extensive Review and its Cultural Implications
  • Brandon Wessel, Baccalaureate Nursing: Unraveling the Obesity Crisis: Improving American Healthcare Where Problems Begin

Session 5: Thursday, December 7  •  10:00AM—12:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Erica Barker, Communication Sciences and Disorders: Mind and Body: Exploring the Relationship Between Collegiate Student Athletes and Mental Health Services
  • Cloe Clark, Communication Sciences and Disorders: The Effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries on Pediatric Cognitive Development
  • Daniel Garcia, English & Geography and Sustainability: Covering Up the Climate Crisis: the Story of How the U.S. Ended Up Deep in “Code Red”
  • Emily Koch, Baccalaureate Nursing: Human Papillomavirus (HPV): The Importance of the Vaccine
  • Anna LeClair, Aviation Management: The Struggle for Air Superiority: The United States vs. China
  • Spencer  Limcaco, Biology: Large Scale Plant Production Methods: Comparative Analysis and Real-World Application
  • Payten Madlem-Easterday, Psychology: The Genetics of Addiction
  • Quincee Musselman, Marketing: Parenting Styles and Emotional Intelligence Development in Children: A Comprehensive Analysis of Impact and Implications
  • Hailey Tonsor, Marketing: The Impact of Marketing on Gambling Behavior: Exploring Psychological Triggers and Societal Consequences
  • Jillian Youtsey, Baccalaureate Nursing: Investigation of Nurse Burnout: How to Prevent Nurses from Quitting their Profession

Session 6: Thursday, December 7  •  2:00PM—4:00PM  •  Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area
  • Brooklyn Bucher, Elementary Education: The Impact of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia in the United States and European Countries
  • Carlee Bursley, Baccalaureate Nursing: The Effect of Early Mobilization on Patient Outcomes in the Critical Care Setting
  • Abbigayle Gamble, Biology: Twin roles of the zinc-finger transcription factor Castor: specification of cardiac cell subtypes and regulation of cardiac progenitor cell division
  • Reed Goodwin, Elementary Education: Standardized Testing in America: Problems and Solutions
  • Ally Hall, Marketing: Gender and Stereotype Reinforcement in Marketing
  • Isabella Henning, Mechanical Engineering: Artificial Intelligence: Its Impact on Healthcare
  • Micah Hubley, Business Administration: Tax liabilities of professional athletes: Jock Tax
  • Maya Mann, Information Technology: Exploring Transgender Inequality within the STEM Workforce
  • Lilliana Mendez, Human Development and Family Sciences: Family Case Management: Child Protective Services Affecting Families
  • Nolan Reinneck, Accounting: Waste to Riches: Repurposing of Human Waste for Biosolid Biochar
  • Michael Stewart, Biology: College (Undergraduate and Graduate Level) and Its Deteriorating Effects on Mental Health With Time
  • Allison White, Biology: Polycomb group genes exhibit differential repression of abdominal-A within the Drosophila embryonic heart tube
  • Kailin Wright, Middle School Math Teaching: Genetic Editing in the Livestock Farming Industry


Recorded Presentations