Criminology and Criminal Justice (B.S.)


The online bachelor of science (B.S.) in criminology and criminal justice teaches both theoretical and applied aspects of the discipline.

  • Courses in the online degree in criminology and criminal justice cover the criminal justice system, criminal behavior, criminal law, criminal justice administration, and the relationship of these topics to the larger society. The School of Criminology and Security Studies offers specialized symposia on current topics of interest, and requires all students to participate in internships with criminal justice agencies.
  • In addition to the major in criminology and criminal justice, students receive a liberal arts education, which will equip them with effective communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and the preparation necessary to be a successful criminal justice professional and a contributing citizen of the United States and the world community.
  • The School of Criminology and Security Studies is multi-disciplinary, with faculty who hold doctorates in criminal justice, jurisprudence, sociology, and psychology. Faculty members also have experience as police and correctional administrators, prosecutors, probation officers, criminal investigators, correctional counselors and therapists, and criminal justice planners. The School sponsors a chapter of Lambda Alpha Epsilon, the national criminal justice professional fraternity.
  • The program is open to entering freshmen (with no previous college experience) as well as transfer students. Previously earned college credit can be applied toward completion of the program per these transfer guidelines.
  • The Criminology and Criminal Justice Program is open to eligible students in the U.S. (including the District of Columbia and all U.S. territories). The program also is open to students in Canada (all provinces). The program is closed to students residing in countries other than the U.S. and Canada except for U.S. military and State Department personnel and their family members with APO/FPO addresses.

Required Courses


A major in criminology and criminal justice prepares individuals for a variety of exciting and challenging careers—both directly in law enforcement and corrections agencies and in other areas ranging from private security management to private investigation.

Most students in this program are preparing for careers as police officers and police administrators, professionals in adult and juvenile correctional programs, and probation and parole officers. Graduates also serve as professional staff in the offices of medical examiners, prosecutors, and courts. Many have found careers in the private economy as security professionals and as investigators for insurance companies, banks, and law firms.

In addition, graduates are employed by the FBI, Secret Service, United States Marshals Service, NCIS, ICE, TSA, Border Patrol and other Homeland Security agencies, the National Institute of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Students have many sources of financial support for their studies, including financial aid, work-study programs, veterans' benefits, and special scholarships for entering freshmen and transfer students.

Further Information

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