Driver Education Instructor Training


Indiana State University offers an online undergraduate driver education instructor training to licensed teachers and individuals.

  • The online driver education teaching licensure is a 9-credit-hour program designed for licensed teachers who wish to teach driver education in public or private schools.
  • The program also caters to individuals who are seeking a Bureau of Motor Vehicles instructor's license to teach driver education in commercial or agency settings.
  • The program is designed to meet the standards for a Rules 2002 license. Those who currently hold an instructional license and who successfully complete the Driver Education Program will be recommended for a Rules 2002 license. This is not an endorsement, but a separate license.
  • The program can be completed in one eight-week summer term.
  • The program is only available to eligible Indiana residents.
  • Representations on licensing apply to licensing in the state of Indiana only. Potential students seeking licensing in other states should check with that state's educational licensing authorities on their requirements. Further restrictions may be found in the state specific information under the program availability link.

Note: Students have the option of completing this program on the ISU campus, located in Terre Haute, Indiana. The University also offers an online graduate driver education instructor training.

Required Courses

In addition, the Driver Education License Program is recognized by the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association to provide teacher training for traffic safety educators.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Students have many sources of financial support for their studies, including financial aid, work-study programs, veterans' benefits, and special scholarships for entering freshmen and transfer students.

Further Information

For further information and assistance, contact:

Indiana State Online
(812) 237-2345


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