Credit Transfer

The following are general guidelines. Upon admission, academic advisors review transcripts to determine which credit transfers and which courses will be included in the student's program of study.

  • Credit earned from regionally accredited colleges or universities is transferable.

  • Technical skills courses in an A.A.S. program may not transfer; however, any credit earned in general education, liberal arts, or liberal studies may be transferable.

  • Transfer credit is assigned only for courses in which the student has earned a grade of "C" or higher.

  • Generally, an equivalent number of credits are given.

  • In some cases, credit may be transferable to the University, but may not be applied toward completion of the Intelligence Analysis Program.

  • Remedial, audited, or non-credit courses do not transfer. This may include courses that apply credit towards graduation at the source institution, if they are determined to be equivalent to remedial courses at ISU.

  • College living, orientation, and study classes will transfer for credit if they received credit towards graduation at the source institution.

  • Up to 90 credits of total transfer credit will be accepted for transfer into a bachelor degree program; at least 30 credits must be completed through ISU to earn the bachelor degree.