The following cohorts will be offered during Project Success. The program will be held August 14th-18th, 2016.

First Sycamores: Going to college is a difficult transition for all students, but first-generation students, especially, can benefit from the guidance of a mentor. The ISU’s First-Generation Faculty Mentoring Program and Project Success have partnered together to create learning community that provides guidance and support for our students who identify as a first generation college student. Register for First Sycamores.

ISUcceed Community: Indiana State University has created a pilot hybrid program “ISUcceed/Project Success” to help our freshmen have a successful transition and first year of college. ISUcceed is a mentoring program designed to address issues that new underrepresented minority college students may face and helps to support students as they become scholars. Project Success, is a summer bridge program that provides an opportunity for you to get a jump-start on college and on your academic success. Register for ISUcceed Community.

A Different World: This Project Success Community will focus on how College is “A Different World” from High School and will highlight useful attributes to navigate, engage and inspire success in college and in life. The course is designed to provide strategies and tips in the following areas: Critical Thinking Skills, Purposeful Resilience, Healthy Relationship Building, Confident Self Awareness, Strong Communication, and Life Long Learning. Register for A Different World.

Living W.E.L.L. This Project Success community will provide involved students a focus on a woman’s holistic self, interpersonal relationships, and political, and social issues relevant to women. The course is designed to aid in preparing them for “real world woman” experiences in their work, life, and play. Students will be able to discuss and examine their experiences, achievements and positions in higher education and their greater communities. WELL will focus on academic enrichment and social acclimation by partnering with campus and community resources, such as the Women’s Resource Center, Career Center, Sycamore Resolution Program, and Multi-Cultural Affairs. Register for Living W.E.L.L.

Television Culture: This Project Success community aims to strengthen your awareness and understanding of the significance of television. Television produces and is produced by culture. Television viewing is a structured social practice that engages viewers in complex interactions with questions of human agency, identity, and social life. Television programming functions pedagogically, providing instruction about how human beings live their daily lives and how they should do so. We will begin our engagement with theories that consider both television programming as cultural product and television viewing as cultural practice. Our concerns include the role of the viewer and the practices of viewing, the narrative structure of television programs, and the specific “messages” told by television stories. Register for Television Culture.

Heroes: This Project Success community focuses on historical and fictional heroes. Students will read excerpts from scholarly articles, autobiographies and biographies, fictional and graphic novels, as well as watch movies and episodes from TV series to better understand heroism. Subject matter will include, but not be limited to, Sojourner Truth, Winston Churchill, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Wonder Woman, Xena, Harry Potter, Just Mercy, V for Vendetta, Heroes, and Supernatural. Students will also focus on everyday heroes and acts of personal heroism. Register for Heroes.

Education Majors: This Project Success community is designed specifically for Elementary and/or Special Education majors. In addition to learning what it means to be a Sycamore, students will be more informed about their role and responsibilities as a BCOE student as well as the role that Bayh College of Education plays in their academic development. Additionally, students enrolled in this section of UNIV 101 will receive intense preparation for the Core Academic Skills Assessment (CASA) exam. Register for Education Majors.