Language Studies (BA)


The University offers a bachelor of arts (BA) in language studies.

The Language Studies Program prepares students for hundreds of career opportunities, enhances each student's resume, and increases salary potential. There is a high demand for individuals with advanced language proficiency in business and industry. In addition, teachers of languages, including English as a second language, are in high demand throughout the world.

The Department of Languages, Literature, and Linguistics at Indiana State University is unique within colleges in the Midwest in its extremely flexible undergraduate program that enables students to tailor an academic program to meet their individual career goals. The program is particularly suited for students seeking a functional knowledge of more than one language to enhance their careers and for students who plan to teach English overseas.

Languages and areas of study include:

  • Arabic (elementary level)
  • Chinese (elementary level)
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Latin and classical studies
  • Linguistics
  • Spanish
  • Teaching English as a second language

Students have the option of selecting one language or area or combining several. This flexibility allows students to concentrate on one language, to switch languages, to study more than one language, or to include linguistic study without changing degrees.

  • Language proficiency is expanded through the University's extensive array of study abroad opportunities, which range from summer programs to a single semester or a full academic year in over 56 countries. Many cost only the equivalent of tuition, room, and board at ISU, making study abroad an affordable experience. In addition, financial aid and scholarships can be used for ISU programs and additional scholarships are available through the office of Academic Programs Abroad. With the exception of double-majors or students with extenuating circumstances, all language studies majors are required to study abroad.
  • While the development of language and cultural competency skills is a primary focus, the program also provides a broad education in language, literature, linguistics, and cultures. In addition to sharpening communicative skills in one or more languages, the program provides students with the tools of general linguistic, cultural, and literary analysis.
  • The department sponsors a variety of activities such as conversation tables, international films, lectures, and field trips to museums, art exhibits, musical performances, restaurants, and cultural sites in Indiana and Illinois, including Indianapolis and Chicago.
  • Other opportunities include Phi Sigma Iota (the national foreign language honor society) and Eta Sigma Phi (the national classics honorary society). Students also may earn the 12-credit TESL/TEFL Certificate (opening opportunities for teaching abroad) or may volunteer as language instructors at local elementary schools, where they work with teachers and students in a specific language. They may also have opportunities for internships with practical experience.
  • The department offers students a state-of-the-art language center with access to specialized software, tutoring, and cultural programming.

Special Note:

Students should be aware that in the case of less commonly taught languages some courses may not be routinely available on campus. Credit can be earned via appropriate study abroad or transfer work.

Students who enter with a strong language background are eligible to receive credit by examination through various sources such as the University's placement test or CLEP tests for beginning and intermediate level credit, and the ACTFL test for advanced level credit.

Required Courses


A degree in language studies opens up career paths, such as teaching English as a foreign language, around the world - and is excellent preparation for graduate or advanced study.

In addition, our graduates frequently combine their degrees with a second major or minor and establish careers in a wide range of fields, including the following:

  • U.S. federal government
  • Law
  • Military intelligence
  • Health care
  • Banking
  • State and local government agencies
  • U.S. and international business (particularly those completing an optional international studies minor offered through the Multidisciplinary Studies Department)
  • Non-profit organizations

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Students have many sources of financial support for their studies, including financial aid, work-study programs, veterans' benefits, and special scholarships for entering freshmen and transfer students.

Scholarships for study abroad programs are available through the office of Academic Programs Abroad. In addition, the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics offers a number of scholarships and awards.

Further Information

Prospective students should contact the Office of Admissions for further information and assistance.

Currently enrolled students should contact the following:

Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Indiana State University


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Prospective students should contact the Office of Admissions for further information and assistance.

Currently enrolled students should contact the following:

Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Indiana State University