HIPAA Privacy Breach Notification

HIPAA Privacy Officer and Reporting Breaches of Protected Health Information

The ISU HIPAA Privacy Officer is the designated University person responsible for knowing HIPAA regulations, providing training for Clinic staff, student clinicians, and supervisors (“Clinic Personnel”) in HIPAA compliance, and assuring that HIPAA-related policies and procedures are instituted and followed. To that end, a breach is defined as the acquisition, access, use or disclosure of Protected Health Information ("PHI") in violation of the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Examples of a breach include stolen or improperly accessed PHI; PHI inadvertently sent to the wrong provider; and the unauthorized viewing of PHI. To report a breach, individuals are encouraged to contact Joey Newport, ISU Privacy Officer, by email at: HIPAAPrivacyOfficer@indstate.edu

ISU HIPAA Contacts:

HIPAA Privacy Officer: 
Joey Newport
Rankin Hall 325

Office of the General Counsel: 
Bridget Butwin, General Counsel
Parsons Hall 223