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Contract Review and Approval Process

Policy 620 Contract Approval, Signatory, and Reporting serves as the ISU contracting policy. All ISU faculty and staff should become familiar with this policy when considering a formal or informal arrangement with a third party. The policy directs the ISU community to specific offices, depending upon the type of contract, for review and approval. It also provides information about signature authority. Faculty and staff are not authorized to sign contracts unless they serve in a role authorized by the policy or directly report to the person with authority and have been delegated authority.

Most contracts for goods and services should be routed through ISU Purchasing and Central Receiving.

The ISU Office of the General Counsel has established a contract routing procedure with contract managers from each division and academic college who have been provided with contract training. Contract managers will then route the contract through a contract management system called Concord for legal, insurance, and other review and approval. Please contact the individual in your division or department to discuss your specific contract needs. If you need any further assistance, please contact Raquel Thorpe at

Division of Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

- Lynn Larimer 

Bayh College of Education 

- Linda Sperry

- Kelly Andrews

Center for Global Engagement

- Chris McGrew 

College of Arts and Sciences 

- Bassam Yousif

College of Health and Human Services

- Kelly Hartzler 

- Mark Schaffer

- Emily Edwards  

College of Technology

- Jim Smallwood

College of Graduate and Professional Studies

- Denise Collins

Office of Sponsored Programs/Chief Research Officer 

- Greg Bierly

- Liz Metzger

Office of the President 


- Dennis Darke 

Office of the President

- Raquel Thorpe 

Division of Finance & Administration

Budget, Payroll and Risk Management 

- Jolyn Osborne

Purchasing and Central Receiving 

- Ernie Kramer 

Division of Student Affairs

- Dr. Andy Morgan  

Division of University Advancement

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Division of University Engagement

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