Freshman New Student Orientation

Freshman New Student Orientation is a one-day program specifically for student entering college for the first time. Students will gain a basic understanding of the University and their academic major, get their student ID, and register for their first semester coursework. In order to register for classes, students must attend an orientation session. 

To register for New Student Orientation, please follow the instructions below.

All students will be assessed a fee on their first e-bill for New Student Orientation.

Register for New Student Orientation

Students must log in and register for a date. To register for orientation, follow these three easy steps (you will leave this page and must return to complete registration).

1. Activate your University Username (Student Portal):
  • Your University ID number can be found on your Letter of Acceptance from the Office of Admissions or your invitation to New Student Orientation.
  • Note the detailed requirements when choosing your password.
  • Once your login is activated, it will display your username. Keep both your username and password in a safe place. You will use this often throughout college. Usernames are typically the first letter of your first name, with your last name, and possibly a digit. For example, John Smith's University username may be jsmith78. John's full email address would be
2. Register for New Student Orientation using your new University username and password: Register Online »
  • Be sure to click "Submit" at the end to make sure your spot is saved. Confirmation and reminder emails will be sent to your new University email account.
3. Check your University email.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with more details about New Student Orientation.
  • Your University email is how the University will send you most official communication so please be sure to check it often.

If you are having difficulty registering for orientation or have any questions, please call the Office of Admissions toll-free at 1-800-GO-TO-ISU or email