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International Student Enrollment Checklist

Following is a checklist of procedures you must complete in order to make your experience at Indiana State as successful as possible. If you have questions, contact the office listed or e-mail the Center for Global Engagement at

Step one: Activate your MyISU portal

As a newly admitted student, you will receive e-mail from faculty, staff, and students to help you enroll at Indiana State. You need to activate your University Username on the MyISU portal. Click on “Activate Your University username.” You will need your University ID number (found on your letter of admission), your date of birth, and the e-mail address you used when you applied.

Step two: Apply for housing

Visit Residential Life. Other information about housing can be found at Center for Global Engagement.

Step three: Make plans to attend New Student Orientation

It is required that you arrive in time to attend this orientation. More information »

Step four: Meet state immunization requirements

As a new student, you are required to complete and return health and immunization documents prior to attending New Student Orientation. For further information contact the Office of Registration and Records at 812-237-2020.

All new international students are required by Indiana State Law to undertake Quantiferon-Tb test in the United States. After your arrival, schedule an appointment with the UAP Clinic—ISU Health Center by calling 812-237-3883.

Step five: Obtain adequate health insurance coverage

In order to protect international students from the high costs of medical care in the United States, Indiana State recommends that all international students with F-1 or F-2 visas and their dependents be covered by a health insurance policy at all times during their stay in the U.S. It is mandatory that students with J-1 visas and their dependents be covered by a health insurance policy at all times during their stay in the U.S. Students may purchase either the health insurance recommended by the UAP Clinic—ISU Health Center or other health insurance plans that are valid in the U.S.

Information on the insurance policy recommended by the UAP Clinic—ISU Health Center »

Step six: Arrange airport pick-up (if necessary)

If you are coming to Terre Haute for the first time, Indiana State University provides limited airport pick-up at the Indianapolis International Airport for new international students. More information »

Step seven: Report to the Center for Global Engagement

When you arrive at Indiana State University, go to the Center for Global Engagement located in Rhoads Hall, mezzanine level, to report your arrival. This is necessary in order for us to officially report your arrival to the Department of Homeland Security. Pre-departure information »

Reminder: Financial support sufficient to cover your educational expenses for one year must be demonstrated before the I-20 eligibility document is issued.

Conditions of Admission

You must maintain an acceptable record through the completion of your current studies. Your admission is subject to cancellation if your final transcript indicates a significant decline in your academic achievement. You are required to notify the Indiana State University Office of Admissions if you have registered, enrolled, or attended any other institution not listed on your admission application.


Office of Admissions
John W. Moore Welcome Center
318 North Sixth Street