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Indiana Core 40

Listed below are courses included in the Indiana Core 40 curriculum.

  • 1) Language Arts.  Eight credits in literature, composition, speech.
  • 2) Mathematics.  Six to eight credits from Algebra I and II, geometry, trigonometry, calculus.
  • 3) Science.  Six credits in laboratory science divided as follows:
    : Two credits--biology
    : Two credits--chemistry or physics
    : Two credits--advanced biology, chemistry, physics, or earth/space science
  • 4) Social Sciences.  Six credits as follows:
    : Two credits--U.S. history
    : One credit--U.S. government
    : One credit--economics
    : One credit--world history and/or geography
    : One additional course from above or other social studies areas
  • 5) Directed Electives.  Eight credits of additional courses in the above subject areas or courses in computer applications, fine arts, foreign languages, or a technical career area.
  • 6) Physical Education.  One credit (two semesters).
  • 7) Health / Safety.  One credit (one semesters)
  • 8) Electives.  Two to four more credits from any courses offered at the high school.