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Petition for Re-Admission (Undergraduate)

Students who have been academically dismissed must petition to return to classes. Students must remain out of classes for a minimum of one academic semester after a first dismissal and one academic year after a second dismissal. No student may return to classes after a third academic dismissal. 
NOTE:  Petitions will not be reviewed from students who have holds on their accounts. Students should check their hold status on the MyISU Portal or by contacting the Office of Admissions.


To petition for re-admission, submit the following materials to the Office of Admissions.

  1. Petition for readmission (Undergraduates only).  The petition should be filled out completely. Responses should be thorough and thoughtful. An incomplete or hastily prepared petition can slow down the review process. 
  2. Official transcripts. Students who have attended colleges or universities during their absence from Indiana State must have official transcripts from those institutions forwarded to the Office of Admissions. 
  3. Re-admission application.  Students who have not attended Indiana State for more than two calendar years must also submit the re-admission application, using the online application
  4. Copy of alien registration card (green card) if applicable. 
  5. Application/petition fee: none

Petitions will be reviewed by the academic dean of the appropriate college. Upon review of the petition, an interview with an associate dean may also be required. Students can contact the Office of Admission at any time regarding the status of their petition process.

NOTE: A student who is granted permission from a dean to re-enroll following academic dismissal must also resolve any holds on his/her account before enrolling in classes. The resolution of some holds (for example, financial aid) may require an additional petition process.


Petitions must be submitted by the following dates.

Fall semester................... August 1 
Spring semester............... December 1 
Summer term.................. May 1

While an exception to the submission deadline may be requested in extraordinary circumstances, no petition to return from academic dismissal will be accepted after the Friday before the first week of the term for which return is sought.