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Spring 2020 Free Courses

All enrolling students in the Indiana State University Class of 2024 are invited to enroll in one (1) free academic course prior to the fall term. In addition to exploring important topics, students will meet faculty and other members of the class of 2024, prepare for the transition to a college-level course, gain first-hand experience with the learning management systems (LMS) used for many of your future classes and earn a credit that will be applied to their State degree. 

UC 110 Course One:  Into the Unknown: A unified exploration of COVID19

Two start dates available: April 17 and May 4

This interdisciplinary course is designed to give students essential information for understanding the COVID19 pandemic. Topics discussed will include the authority and capacity of the U.S. government to manage the pandemic response, how effects of COVID19 in the U.S. compare to other countries, and the role of international organizations like the World Health Organization in controlling global contagion. Essential background will also be provided on the history of pandemics and the nature of viruses, as well as how America’s health system has prepared for the pandemic. Long-term ramifications of the coronavirus on U.S. jobs and the economy and the need for effective public messaging to weather the pandemic and its aftermath will also be explored.  

UC 110 Course Two: Climate Change: Understanding the Causes and Consequences

May 4 start date

This course will present the Earth's climate system and explores the science, economics, and human dimensions of climate change. In addition to discussions of the causes and consequences of climate change through case studies and examples, solutions will be explored that include both large scale global initiatives to small things each of us can implement in our own lives.

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Are these courses really free?

Yes they really are free! All students have to do is confirm their enrollment by paying the enrollment deposit or completing the waiver.

What if I do not complete or I perform poorly in the course?

You won’t be penalized or charged. Only students that successfully complete the course and earn a satisfactory mark will receive the 1-credit at Indiana State.

What if I do not decide to enroll at ISU?

You will not receive credit to transfer to another institution. These 1-credit courses are only awarded at Indiana State.

How will these courses be graded?

These courses will not receive a letter grade or impact your GPA. You either successfully complete a course to earn the 1-credit, or no course or credit in listed transcript.

How much time will I need to spend on each course?

Approximately 4-6 hours per week. 

Do I need to purchase a textbook for this course?


What if I have more questions?

Contact or (812) 237-2345.