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Spring 2021 Free Courses

Admitted students who have submitted their enrollment deposit for fall 2021 are invited to enroll in one (1) free academic course prior to the fall term. In addition to exploring important topics, the course allows students to meet faculty and other members of the class of 2025, earn a credit toward graduation, and gain first-hand experience with the learning management systems (LMS) used for many of your future classes. Both courses will begin on Tuesday, March 2nd.

UC 110 Course One: Understanding COVID-19

2020 will be marked as the year of COVID-19, after hundreds of thousands of Americans have succumbed to the disease. The economy, social relations, and daily lives were affected–perhaps permanently altered—in innumerable ways. While many people hope 2021 is a better year with the promise of a vaccine on the horizon, buzzwords such as Pfizer and Moderna, PPE, herd immunity, and lockdowns continue to be part of daily conversation. This course seeks to provide an integrative picture of the ongoing pandemic by tackling questions such as: How do we understand the science behind the COVID-19 pandemic, and attempts to master it? What are the political and economic impacts of the pandemic, and how will it shape society moving forward? How do we encourage people to follow mask mandates, receive vaccines, and more generally stay safe until enough people have been vaccinated? 

UC 110 Course Two: Climate Change: Understanding the Causes and Consequences

This course will look at Earth's climate system by exploring the science, economics, and human dimensions of climate change. In addition to discussions on the causes and effects of climate change through case studies and examples, students will seek solutions for both small- and large-scale initiatives people can implement in their own lives.

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Are these courses really free?

Yes, they really are free! All students must confirm their enrollment by paying the enrollment deposit or completing the waiver.

What if I do not complete or I perform poorly in the course?

You won’t be penalized or charged based on your performance. However, students who successfully complete the course and earn a satisfactory mark will receive the 1-credit hour at Indiana State.

What if I decide not to enroll at ISU?

The credit hour earned will not transfer to another institution.

How will these courses be graded?

Students in these courses are evaluated on their attendance and completion of the work. Students who successfully complete the courses will receive 1-credit hour, instead of a letter grade. A student's GPA is not impacted by the course.

How much time will I need to spend on each course?

Approximately 4-6 hours per week. 

Do I need to purchase a textbook for this course?


What if I have more questions?

Contact or (812) 237-2121.