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Graduate Estimated Fees

For International Students 2023-2024

Tuition and Fees: $16,210.00 ($18,532 for MBA)**
Books, Supplies, and Lab Fees: $1,600.00*
Living Expenses: $11,600.00***

Graduate Total per year: $29,410.00 ($31,752 for MBA)

*All expenses listed are estimated and subject to change. Expenses are listed as estimates only.

**Tuition and fees include tuition and Student Recreation Center fee and Student Health and Wellness fee.

Additional laboratory fees, course fees, and/or applied music fees may be charged in certain classes for supplies and equipment usage, and/or special instruction/supervision. 

***Living expenses include: dormitory room + Advantage meal plan, health insurance premiums, and personal expenses. The student can purchase the health insurance of their choice. They should contact the Center for Global Engagement for information. Living expenses could be higher or lower if students choose to live off-campus or in the University Apartments. For University Apartments rates please go to

Spouse and children: students who wish to bring their families must calculate living expenses to include a minimum of $4,500 for the spouse and $2,500 for each additional child plus health insurance cost.