Asian & Pacific Islander Council

Greetings from API Chair

Indiana State University has a long history of serving students had hiring faculty and staff from the global world

The Office of Diversity at Indiana State University set its mission to promote the climate, competences, and connections that enhances the lives of students, staff and faculty and people in the Wabash Valley community. The Office of Diversity formed the Asian & Pacific Islander (API) Faculty & Staff Council in February 2014. API is committed to advocating for equity, promoting community awareness of API cultures, facilitating community engagement and networking, enhancing communication, providing support to API members and tackling issues in the API academic community and community at large.

The API Faculty/Staff Council Steering Committee provides leadership and support in raising issues of any major concerns in the Asian Pacific Islanders academic community and working with university administrations to address any council members’ concerns. The API Council had sponsored or co-sponsored several project or events last year. We encourage API Council members to get involved in supporting the API community.

The API Council at its inaugural Forum presented its mission statement. Through measured and purposeful actions, each of these commitments can be realized to provide meaningful outcomes for the API community and results in a stronger community-at-large for the Wabash Valley. In order to further its mission, the API Council attempts to prioritize and focus on the issues most pertinent to the API community. At the heart of the API Faculty/Staff Council is the desire to provide a strong voice for advocacy and progress. With this purpose in mind, the Council uses many avenues and means to address and affect change and a primary method to further our commitments is the use of different working committees.

On behalf of the API Faculty/Staff Council Steering Committee, I look forward to working with you.