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Back on Track - Facilities

Updated 7/2/2020



ISU Facilities Management and Housing Facilities Departments, in partnership with the Office of Environmental Safety, are committed to providing a safe and clean work environment for faculty, staff, and students within available staff resources.

General Cleaning Guidelines: 

  • Daily general cleaning and sanitizing occurs in all ISU facilities with specific focus on restrooms, common/public areas, classrooms and areas with frequent touch points such as door handles and crash bars throughout campus. 
  • If targeted cleaning needs to occur due to potential or actual Covid-19 exposure, Facilities and Environmental Safety leadership will deploy the appropriate personnel to accomplish the cleaning.
  • ISU’s custodial staff will clean as much as possible during regular shifts, however, offices with high traffic should also disinfect frequent touch areas with wipes or other cleaning supplies. 
  • Cleaning supplies are available through ISU’s Facilities Management and Housing Facilities Operations Departments for shared spaces, office, and classroom environments so that anyone can disinfect an area they’ve used or plan to use.  Please contact the appropriate department if you need supplies.
  • Employees should clean their phones, keyboard, copy machines and other frequent touch points within their office areas frequently with disinfectant wipes.

Campus Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems:

  • Facilities Management and Housing Facilities Departments are continually monitoring campus HVAC systems to insure adequate ventilation (outside) air is being introduced into buildings. 
  • HVAC filters are being inspected and replaced on a scheduled and as needed basis. 
  • ISU Facilities staff are working closely with the Office of Environmental Safety to address any indoor air quality concerns and make any necessary changes to system settings as well as performing cleaning and maintenance as required.
  • Campus Central HVAC system fans are running continuously to introduce outside air, circulate, and filter air within buildings.

Health and Safety Guidelines:

  • ISU personnel should limit campus vehicles to one occupant when possible – this includes University owned and Enterprise vehicles.  In situations where it is not practical for single occupancy, all vehicle occupants shall wear some form of protective face covering and ventilate the cabin as weather permits. 
  • Employees who are unable to consistently maintain adequate social distancing (six feet or more) should wear a face mask (surgical mask or cloth face covering).  Employees can supply their own cloth face covering but the University may reserve the right to disapprove any face covering that appears inadequate to the task. 
  • Employees who are unable to perform routine tasks without adequate distancing, have increased concerns for themselves or ‘at risk’ members of their household can request use of a filtering face piece (N-95).  In this situation the employee’s supervisor shall contact the Environmental Safety Office.
  • Employees are encouraged to wash their hands frequently (20 seconds) and hand sanitizer will be available in multiple locations to promote hand hygiene.
  • There will be no communal use of phones, computers, or other shared electronic devices until further notice. 
  • Employees are to complete ISU’s Daily Health Assessment which can be found on ISU’s Home Page under ‘Covid-19 Update’, or by phone at 812-237-5922.  This must be done daily prior to the start of work.  The Daily Health Assessment web link is: 
  • Employees who develop symptoms (i.e. fever, cough, or shortness of breath) during the work day shall immediately be separated from other employees and sent home.  ISU Human Resources should be contacted immediately if this occurs.
  • Employees, including office staff, will strive to maintain proper social distancing of at least six feet at all times. 
  • Conference rooms will not be in use unless it can be demonstrated that a small group can meet while maintaining adequate social distancing, combined with the use of face coverings.
  • Employees are also requested to not congregate in common areas such as break rooms and lounges.  Some of these areas will be closed for use until further notice.
  • Seating in common areas should be rearranged to allow for appropriate social distancing.
  • Plexiglas Barriers for reception desks, pay counters and other customer service areas have been ordered for installation by ISU Facilities Management.  If employees request additional barriers for areas that may not have been initially identified a request should be entered in the TMA system.
  • Campus elevators will be marked with occupancy limits, generally no more than two occupants.
  • Building entrance signage has been installed to encourage use of face coverings, hand washing, and social distancing.  The signage is available to download by individual departments to post within office and other areas.
  • Floor decals are available from the Office of Environmental Safety for placement in customer service areas to indicate safe social distancing.
  • Restroom usage should attempt to ensure physical distancing is achieved.  Many restroom configurations will make distancing a challenge and some fixtures may be taken out of service, therefore, signage may indicate an occupancy limit.  All occupants should always wear a protective face covering in these communal spaces where distancing is difficult to maintain. 

This University guidance is subject to change as more guidance becomes available from public health and government officials. Please check back periodically for updates.