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Miscellaneous Fees

Admission Application Fee

  • $25 Undergraduate - domestic student
  • $65 Undergraduate - international student
  • $45 Graduate - domestic student
  • $65 Graduate - international student

Audit Fee

  • $5 per credit hour

The audit fee is assessed to students choosing to audit a class.

Change of Schedule Fee

  • A registered student that drops or adds courses on or after the official first day of those specific courses will be assessed a $30 change of schedule fee per day (midnight to midnight) regardless of the number of changes made.

Chemistry Fees

  • $25 Failure to check out
  • $10 Lock need to be cut
  • $15 Cleaning and chemical disposal
  • $20 Broken or missing items

International Sponsored Student Fee

  • $300 per semester assessed to international sponsored students

Late Fee

  • $55

A late fee is assessed to students that have been sent to University Collections as a result of the Collections Process.

Late Registration Fee

  • The Late Registration Fee has been eliminated for the summer term.  The $100 Late Registration Fee will be assessed beginning with the first official day of the fall/spring semesters, regardless of the course start date.

Library Fines

  • $10 library fine
  • lost book/material charges vary

Parking Fine/Vehicle Registration Fees

  • See Parking Services for additional information.

Replacement Diploma and Notary Fees

  • $25 replacement diploma fee
  • $5 notary fee per transcript  or diploma notarized by the Office of Registration and Records

Replacement ID Card

  • $15

Returned Check Admin. Fee

  • $25 per check assessed to both hard copy and electronic checks

Transcript Requests

  • $12 Walk In transcript
  • $12 Mail transcript
  • $20 Fax transcript
  • $10 Certified Electronic PDF Official transcript

Variable Payment Plan Fee

  • $25 or $60 per academic semester
  • $30 summer
    • A variable payment plan fee will be assessed to students choosing the variable payment plan option. For Fall and Spring semesters, the fee is $25 through the first 4 weeks of classes and a $35/$60 charge is assessed at the conclusion of the 4th week of classes. 
    • For summer, the fee is $30.

The University Board of Trustees reserves the right to change fees at any time in the future. The right to correct errors is also reserved.