Pat Online


  1. What are e-Bills?
  2. E-Bills are online student invoices that display the same information as the traditional paper billing statements.

  3. What are the benefits of e-Bills?
  4. E-Bills provide convenient access from any computer with an internet connection 24/7. Information is secure and confidential - the e-Bill can only be viewed by the student or authorized users. There are no mailing and/or postal delays.

  5. When and how do I receive my e-Bill?
  6. You will receive an email message at your Indiana State University Sycamores email address alerting you that your e-Bill is available to view and pay. Click on the link provided in the email, login, and there’s your e-Bill. You can also adjust your profile in the Indiana State University Student Account Suite so that you can get text message alerts when your e-Bill is ready.

  7. Can I print a copy of my bill for my employer / sponsor / parent / guardian / other?
  8. You can print your bill as you would any document.

  9. What do I do to get started?
  10. If you want a parent(s), guardian, or some other person(s) to have access to your e-Bills, you will be able to set them up as an Authorized User. They will receive email notifications when your e-Bill is available. As the student, you’re already set up and ready to receive your e-Bill, so nothing has to be done on your part.

  11. How do I access my e-Bill?
  12. Students can access their e-Bill through their My ISU portal or logging directly in to the student account suite by clicking on the button above.
    Authorized users, when notified by email that an e-Bill is ready, can click on the link that is provided and login using the login and password.

  13. What if I don’t have access to the Internet?
  14. All students have access to the internet via the on-campus computer labs.
    Parents/Guardians/Others can access the internet at home, work, or a public library. Recipients of an e-Bill can also print a copy of their bill and send it to their parent/guardian/other via U.S. Mail, if necessary.

  15. Can I authorize people, other than myself, to receive a copy of my e-Bill?
  16. Yes. Once you are logged into the Indiana State University Student Account Suite, you can set up Authorized Users who will then have the ability to view and pay bills online.

  17. Will I be able to view previous e-Bills?
  18. Yes. You will be able to view previous invoices as well as any new invoices any time.

  19. How can I pay my e-Bill?
  20. Just login to the Indiana State University Student Account Suite; if there is an amount due, you can pay via the payment option using Visa, MasterCard or electronic check.

  21. Can I get alerts other than via email?
  22. Yes, you can adjust your profile in the Indiana State University Student Account Suite so that you can get text message alerts when your e-Bill is ready.  By adding your phone number and selecting your phone carrier, you will be sent text message alerts, as well as an email, when your e-Bill is ready.  Authorized users are able to adjust their profile as well to receive text message alerts.