Gongaware Scholars: Class of 2003

This was the first class of Gongaware Scholars


Elizabeth Isenburg Iverson

Hometown:  West Lafayette, Indiana
Major:  Insurance and Risk Management
Current Position:  Teacher, North Montgomery High School, Crawfordsville, Ind.
Current Residence:  West Lafayette, Indiana

"I was one of the first three Gongaware Scholars at Indiana State University, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I assumed The Gongaware Center would help me get on the right professional path toward a career in insurance, and it did. The best part were the opportunities to get involved in student organizations like the Insurance and Risk Management Honors Corps, Gamma Iota Sigma (the national insurance, risk management and actuarial sciences fraternity), Freshman Council, Toastmasters and many more. I also was involved in Delta Gamma, a social sorority.

My life at ISU was anything but dull. I thrive when I have a busy schedule. But every student has to decide his or her own pace and level of involvement. Personally, I became more involved gradually by joining more organizations each year."


Sally Martin Leyes

Hometown:  Indianapolis, Indiana
Major:  Insurance and Risk Management
Current Position:  Commercial Risk Broking Manager, Aon Corporation
Current Residence:  Indianapolis, Indiana

"The Gongaware Center focuses on what ISU students want and need as they develop into leaders in the financial services industry. I’ve always worked hard to be a leader — in the classroom and in the community. The Gongaware Center took those skills and developed them further by giving me the opportunities and reassurance I needed. The professionals at The Gongaware Center have many contacts with impressive and successful executives in the financial services industry."

During her sophomore year, Martin was coordinator of the Gongaware Scholarship process and served as a member of the Insurance and Risk Management Honors Corps and president of Gamma Iota Sigma.


Joshua Simerman

Hometown:  Fort Wayne, Indiana
Major:  Insurance and Risk Management
Current Position:  Senior Client Manager, Employee Benefits Services, Willis of Arizona, Inc.
Current Residence:  Phoenix, Arizona

Josh Simerman, a 2003 ISU and Gongaware graduate recently switched positions within Willis located in Phoenix, Arizona. After four years as a marketing client manager on the Employee Benefits’ team, Simerman, as of May 2007, was promoted to Senior Client Manager.

He is responsible for maintaining a total of 15 clients headquartered in Arizona and New Mexico on a daily basis. A weekly schedule consists of traveling to Albuquerque, Phoenix, Santé Fe and Roswell for one- to two-day meeting with clients, prospects and insurance companies.

"One of the best parts of my position is that two of my clients are the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks. It makes being a sports fan that much more exciting," said Simerman.