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Meis Center Workshop Guidelines

The Meis Student Development Center provides professional development opportunities to help prepare students to enter the work force. It is up to faculty to determine how many events are required and what weight they hold in their syllabus.

Prerequisites for workshops must be completed prior to the workshop.
They can be found under the “The Workshops” menu item on the right.

Student Guidelines for Virtual Zoom Meis Center Workshops

How do I join a Zoom workshop?

  • All Meis Center Workshops and Speaker Panels for Spring 2021 will be conducted by Zoom.  
  • The link and password to the Zoom meeting,  along with any prerequisites, will be posted on the Meis Website as well as sent in weekly emails.
  • The Waiting Room is enabled for every session. Once in the waiting room, you will be admitted to the meeting by the host. The waiting room will open 10 minute prior and will close 5 minutes after the workshop starts.
  • You cannot join a Meis workshop after the 5 minute period at the start of the workshop has ended.
  • Workshop presenters will check for proof of any required prerequisites once in the meeting.  Just attending the workshop doesn’t guarantee your attendance credit.  You must complete the prerequisites, or post-assignment in the workshops.

How do I prepare for a Zoom meeting?   

  • Find a quiet location to join your session, and make sure you have access to a fast LAN connection or excellent Wi-Fi signal.  You must attend on a computer, not a phone.
  •  If possible, sign into the meeting 10 minutes early so that you can test your audio and video 
  •  I can’t see - Testing Your Video     
  •  I can’t hear - Testing Your Audio
  • It is mandatory for every student to keep their video on throughout the session.   

 How will I get credit for attending a Zoom meeting?

  • Once admitted to the meeting, the host will keep record of your attendance. An attendance report will be sent out to faculty several times a semester.
  • In order to track attendance, each attendee must be logged in through their own account. You cannot attend by sharing a computer with someone else.

Maximum Number of Attendees / Grade Levels  

  • Each Zoom workshop is configured to hold a maximum of 30 students with an aim to closely replicate the quality experience normally offered during the in-person sessions of past semesters.  It also allows for greater interactive instruction between the student and the presenter.
  • Workshops are recommended for specific grade levels based on content.  However, any student who is willing to do the prerequisites and actively participate will be allowed in, up to the maximum capacity of 30. 

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