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All Networks Financial Institute's Policy Briefs, Working Papers and Reports are available through the Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) and Social Science Research Network (SSRN) services as well as our own pages.

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The metrics and statistics for our publications on SSRN are not publically viewable, but the ones on RePEc are:

Working Papers

Working papers are research reports, technical papers, discussion papers, and occasional papers, written to help authors articulate and develop new ideas, make a theoretical or practical contribution to an area of research or field of study, and disseminate their work professionally. These papers may include preliminary results of research that are not yet ready for publication in a professional journal or pieces that explore a topical or theoretical or methodological issue. Papers delivered in a public forum may also be published in this series.

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Policy Briefs

These documents identify and analyze a problem for which a public policy action might yield a solution. As a general rule, policy briefs identify the problem and its relationship to the stakeholders, analyze the problem using available qualitative and quantitative data, propose a range of possible solutions, advocate for one particular solution from among the alternatives, and explain its implementation.

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NFI Reports

These reports, most often by NFI staff, synthesize data and information, combine and compare the results of other studies, or offer viewpoints or statements of opinion on issues, in the form of position papers.

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The following data is compiled from both RePEc and SSRN:

NFI Publications Metrics & Statistics