OSCM Classes and Advisors


Freshmen and sophomore students are usually advised by the academic advisors of the Student Services Office. The SSO is located in Federal Hall, Room FD124 of the Scott College of Business.

Juniors and Seniors are advised by members of the faculty:

Dr. Kuntal Bhattacharyya | Dr. Concetta DePaolo | Dr. Paul Schikora | Dr. Milton Soto-Ferrari


Spring / Fall Classes

Classes below may be offered only in the semester shown. Summer offerings vary. OMA 439, the internship course, is available during the spring, summer, and fall sessions.

Fall Classes

  • OSCM 300: Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
  • OSCM 310: Data-Driven Decision Making
  • OSCM 425: Business Forecasting
  • OSCM 445/445L: Business Process Improvement/Lab

Spring Classes

  • OSCM 320: Problem Solving with Spreadsheets
  • OSCM 435: Business Analytics
  • OSCM 455: Global Sourcing and Procurement
  • OSCM 475: Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • OSCM 490: Global Supply Chain Management